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WELCOME! Our Family Fun Calendar is brimming with Twin Cities events for families with kids. We also list reoccurring and plan-ahead events on other pages. Find links to these events under the toggle. Click here for Quick Access to Calendar.

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FFTC Calendar is sponsored this summer by kidsWATER.

Back to School Ready, Mom Approved!

School is almost here, and that means long days of learning lots of new things.  Sending water to school instead of juice, soda, or sports drinks helps developing brains learn all day long without the sugar crash. Introducing kidsWATER, an unsweetened fruit essence water packaged in a fun and convenient drink box. Free from all sugars, preservatives, and dyes, this is a drink you can feel good about giving to your kids. kidsWATER is the perfect size for lunch, snack time, or after school, and is now available at all Kowalski’s, Lakewinds, and Lunds & Byerly’s locations.

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