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10 West Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN 55102
Admission: $16.00
Family Membership $139.00/year
Save by buying online. Scroll Down for Ticket Link.
Hours of Operation:
Mon. Closed
Tue. 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Wed. 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Thu. 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Fri. 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Sat. 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Sun. 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Showing Hours as of 6/15/22 Hours. Closed Holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.

The Minnesota Children’s Museum in Saint Paul is a large museum geared towards kids. In the past, we would have called it the “little kids museum” and suggested families with older kids choose a different museum. However with their 2017 remodel, they have brought in elements for all ages. Gianna’s family thoroughly tested and approved the updates shortly before the grand reopening. The museum houses both permanent and traveling exhibits that encourage kids to explore and connect with the world around them.

3 Tips from the Minnesota Children’s Museum Website

  1. If you park in the World Trade Center Ramp, bring your ticket for validation
  2. Bring socks; they are REQUIRED in The Scramble
  3. Kids might get wet in Forces at Play and Sprouts. You may want to bring a change, avoid these areas or just be prepared for damp kids.

*Pictures used with permission

Boy standing under The Scramble! at the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota
The first kid to ever go down The Scramble! And on his BIRTHDAY!

Free First Sundays at Minnesota Children’s Museum

Free days at MCM are now held on First Sundays (formerly third Sundays). Tickets sell out the day they are released. We recommend signing up for the museum’s email list if you want to attend.

If your family is using EBT, WIC or the Free/Reduced Lunch program, you may prefer to purchase $3 tickets through their All Play Program and attend on a less-crowded day. Scroll to the bottom of this article for a link to learn more about qualifications and to purchase tickets.

Boy playing dress up at Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul Minnesota on Free Third Sunday

Birthday Parties at Minnesota Children’s Museum – Currently on Hold

Children’s Museum usually offers staff-directed birthday parties that include set up, clean up and entrance into the galleries. There are two levels, the basic Monster Celebration Party is meant for a smaller, more active group of children that wants to spend their time playing and exploring the museum independent. It includes and ice cream treat and admission for up to 6 guests.

Birthday Parties are still on hold in 2022.  We hope to see them return soon.

Learn more online or by calling 651-225-6000! In the meantime, find other birthday party venues in FFTC’s Ultimate Guide to Birthday Parties in the Twin Cities.

Boy displaying his magnet creation spelling FFTC at the Children's Museum in St. Paul, MInnesota

Minnesota Children’s Museum’s 2017 Makeover and New Exhibits

It’s been quite a ride, but the Minnesota Children’s Museum has done a complete overhaul while still preserving the integrity of its mission.

Minnesota Children’s Museum is dedicated to providing children with a fun, hands-on and stimulating environment to explore and discover. The Museum helps to instill a lifelong love of learning by nurturing the real-world skills children need to become engaged citizens in the future

-MN Children’s Museum Website

With  brand new exhibits and updated classics, I guarantee that your kids AND you will have a blast! While we were there on a testing day, we had the ability to check out some of the newest exhibits. The museum gutted everything and started from scratch, so while they still have Our World, you won’t find it on the 2nd floor.

The Scramble

The Scramble is the Minnesota Children’s Museum’s  extreme indoor playground.  It extends from the 1st floor to the 4th floor and is approximately 44 ft tall. Everything is big enough for adults to utilize the space, but extremely safe for the toddliest member of your family.
Best Feature: A staircase from top to bottom so parents can reach their kids quickly if necessary.
2nd Best Feature: In three words: The Funnel Slide.

Toddler playing on The Scramble! at the Minnesota Children's museum in St. Paul, Minnesota

Super Awesome Adventures

Super Awesome Adventures is the place where creativity and large motor skills collide. Build an ultimate balance beam or sneak through the ninja course.
Best Feature: Strap sliders on your feet, put on a helmet, and swoosh down classic-shaped skatepark obstacles (no half pipes, though).
2nd Best Feature: A climbing wall/green screen combination

Boy climbing a green screen wall in the Awesome Adventure at Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota

Creativity Jam

Creativity Jam was once a traveling exhibit that came and went on the whim of the Minnesota Children’s Museum, but now it is a permanent feature that combines sticker joy with face paint joy, music joy, and building/engineering joy.
Best Feature: It’s so hard to choose, but I think it’s got to be the face paint station with adjustable mirrors on a long table for many kids  to use at the same time (unlike the cart in the past).
2nd Best Feature: Building station. The blocks they use are super unique and really fun.

Boy building a double slide (inspired by The Scramble!?) at the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota


Imaginopolis is home to creative play with simple lines and shapes.  It’s a somewhat empty place for your imagination to go wild.  The lights are dimly lit and in one corner is the Noodle Forest.
Best Feature: The Noodle Forest.  It’s fun to enter and it’s a cozy little space.
• 2nd Best Feature:  The simplicity of the space. I can see my 10 year old loving this place with a couple of friends.  They would create a whole story of a new world.

Boy playing in the Imaginopolis exhibit at the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota

Forces at Play

This is one of the wet exhibits! Kids can learn a little about physics while using a sprayer in the car wash and engineer and build with ramps, tubes, balls and cars.
Best Feature: The car wash – as long as you don’t mind getting wet.

Toddler catching a ball in the Forces at Play exhibit at the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota


This space for toddlers and crawling babies has stairs, bridges and a slide for crawling around on. It also has a water table for splashing.
Best Feature: A quiet break room to take your tot to when all the stimulation gets to be too much.

Toddlers playing with a bin full of corn in the Sprouts exhibit at the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota

Our World

Kids can imagine themselves in all sorts of grown up jobs by playing dress up and pretend play at stations like a post office, fire station, farmers market, hardware store and food stand.
Best Feature: Dress up. Kids never tire of this and parents can take a break during this time.

Kids playing with a wall full of switches and buttons at the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota

The Studio/Backyard/Tip Top Terrace

The Studio was updated with more than simple visual arts projects.  Try your hand a sewing or sculpting or painting, etc.  The Backyard is a brand new exhibit that includes a bird’s nest for your little birdies and “earthy” activities.

The New outdoor were created to encourage kids to take ‘healthy risks that challenge both body and mind.” Some new elements include a giant kaleidoscope, a mirror reflection house and a solar-powered sculpture.

The Tip Top Terrace is a seasonal exhibit on the tip top of the museum to view St. Paul, make a little music, or draw.  A shade awning over this space was was created in partnership with the Center for Hmong Arts & Talent.

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