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Located in the Mall of America, the LEGO Imagination Center is a fun stop during any family fun shopping excursion. Find it on the first floor at the south entrance to Nickelodeon Universe.

Great for all ages, not just your preschoolers, this store features a building area for older kids and a special area stocked with Duplos for younger ones. If you're lucky, they may be handing out free mini-build kits! While you probably won't get a whole day out of a visit, you can grab a coffee and get a nice half-hour rest before exploring the rest of the mall. 

Insider Tip: Before heading out, check LEGO's website, they sometimes have special offers available.

mom and son building at LEGO store

Bringing Little Kids to the Lego Imagination Center

Small children will appreciate this play area the most. We recommend coming for a Toddler Tuesday and making this part of your exploration of the mall. While you are in this section of the mall, you can also visit the Barnes & Noble and view the small tanks outside Sea Life. You can do all of these things and be done before naptime. If you are a regular to Toddler Tuesdays and want to stay a little longer, you may want to consider a membership to Crayola Experience and/or Sea Life.

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Lego Store with Lego transformer display

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