Welcome to the Twin Cities

Welcome to the Twin Cities. We are so happy to welcome you to our corner of the globe and we want to feel right at home. Here’s the thing about moving to Minnesota. The stereotypes are just that–stereotypes. 

Do some of us sound like we are from Fargo?  Ya sure, you betcha. 

Do most of us complain and brag about the weather (no matter the season) at the same time?  

Sure thing. 

Are we all Minnesota nice? Nope. Are most Minnesota nice? Yep.  

We want to help you adjust and make the Twin Cities and the greater Minnesota your home. Because, though you may not know it yet, you will love it here. Especially if you follow some of our hints.

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Weather: How to survive Minnesota weather

Minnesota weather is extreme in a temperate sort of way.
Winter: While we don’t get the cold like the Arctic Circle in the winter, we do have arctic fronts come down into our state from time to time. The winter is cold, but the polar air doesn’t usually last longer than a week.

Summer: No, Minnesota is not in the tropics. It’s not even close. However, because we get fronts that come from Texas and California and because we have a fairly humid atmosphere, we can get a few miserable days in the summer. Again, these temperatures don’t last longer than a week. Usually.

Here some ways to make it through the extreme-ish climate of the Twin Cities.

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Summer Fun
Fall and Spring: You won’t need a survival guide for these – the most lovely of seasons in Minnesota.

Twin Cities Schools

Twin Cities Homes

Many area schools and school districts rank high on national lists for their academic excellence. Michael Bartus of Lakes | Sotheby’s International Realty knows how important school proximity is for his clients.  In fact, he has developed a number of tools to help his clients find homes close to the schools they want for their kids, and we love this tool.

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Family Activities: How to Meet People and Make New Friends

101 Twin Cities Libraries - Mapped

Free and Budget-friendly Fun in the Twin Cities

The last thing you need to do right now after relocating is spend more money. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

Click here for Free and Budget-Friendly Ideas

Another great idea for free fun is to visit one or all of the 101 libraries in the Twin Cities metro. We have a lot of libraries, and some of my favorite mom friendships started in storytime at the local library.
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BookHounds Family BookClub is our own program that connect local families with local authors.  Every month BookHounds meets at our official ClubHouse–GoodKids in White Bear Lake. It’s free and all ages are welcome! You can join the BookClub by signing up for our monthly Newsletter.

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Minnesotan Fun:  Minnesota is full of things to do in every season and in every corner of the state.  Check out what we have collected so far.

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If you are interested in exploring some of the more iconic places of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, we can help you out! 

Mall of America

Kids Eat Free and Cheap

Children’s Theatre Experiences

Exploring with Special Needs

Activities for Tweens and Teens

Summer Camp Guide

Birthday Party Guide 

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