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Here’s what you can expect when you work with Family Fun Twin Cities–FFTC.

  • Focus on You: Your priority is to partner with businesses that are like-minded.  You can’t waste time trying to figure out if a campaign with FFTC is an well-spent expense.  We are dedicated to being upfront with you about our audience.  If it doesn’t seem like a good fit from our perspective, we will be honest and give you feedback of influencers that may be better suited to your needs.
  • Fun Partnership: Your unique qualities and personality should be celebrated.  We want to build an on-going relationship with you so that you can benefit by knowing us and enjoying working with us.
  • Talent Emphasized: You are talented, and we want to highlight what you bring to the Twin Cities.  That’s what FFTC is all about.  Introducing families to your incredible uniqueness.
  • Care About You: You are a person with a very important business, and you deserve to be treated with great care.  While we cannot guarantee specific results, we can match your campaign with the best related and popular content on our site.

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Monthly Sponsorship Opportunities

Calendar Sponsorship40,000+ pageviews/month
Directory Sponsorship20,000+ pageviews/month
Indoor Playground Sponsorship4000+ pageviews/month
Kids Eat Free Sponsorship3000+ pageviews/month
Indoor Waterparks and Pools3000+ pageviews/month

More details are available upon inquiry.

FFTC Advertising Timeline

We publish new advertisements on the first of the month.

Advertising Requested 3+ Weeks Lead Time Before Ad published
Package Created
Contract  and Advertisement Requirements Sent 1 week prior to publishing
Invoice Sent1 week prior to publishing
Contract Signed and Returned3 days prior to publishing
Payment received or physical check sent/confirmed 3 days prior to publishing
Advertisements Published First of the Month
Rushed Orders: 2 Week Lead Time Additional 15%

1 Week Lead Time Additional 30%


Initial Introduction Call

If you would like to discuss working together more directly, feel free to schedule a 15 minute call with Gianna.


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