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You work hard to help families in our community.  We know that and we want to support you.

Family Fun Twin Cities is a trusted resource for parents to find great family activities to enjoy with their kids. Our website consistently hits 200,000+ pageviews per month, and we are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  We have partnerships with a variety of businesses, both those who have events to promote and those who want to be associated with our website.

How Can I get my Event Listed on Family Fun Twin Cities?

  1. Participate in our Listing Subscriber Program (best bang for your buck–consistent presence on our site).
  2. List your event on our Family Calendar.
  3. Be a Monthly Patron of the site.
  4. Upgrade your listings in our Local Guides (you can do this as a part of our Listing Subscriber Program or purchase only what you need).

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Here’s what you can expect when you work with Family Fun Twin Cities:

  • Focus on You: Your priority is to partner with businesses that are like-minded.  You can’t waste time trying to figure out if a campaign with FFTC is an well-spent expense.  We are dedicated to being upfront with you about our audience.  If it doesn’t seem like a good fit from our perspective, we will be honest and give you feedback of influencers that may be better suited to your needs.
  • Fun Partnership: Your unique qualities and personality should be celebrated.  We want to build an on-going relationship with you so that you can benefit by knowing us and enjoying working with us.
  • Talent Emphasized: You are talented, and we want to highlight what you bring to the Twin Cities.  That’s what FFTC is all about.  Introducing families to your incredible uniqueness.
  • Care About You: You are a person with a very important business, and you deserve to be treated with great care.  While we cannot guarantee specific results, we can match your campaign with the best related and popular content on our site.

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 Listing Subscriber Program

We take all the work out of remembering to promote yourself online and make it fun again!

Be guaranteed to have your events included in our calendar with links straight to your event page. Use the your landing page on FFTC to chat with people in your audience.

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List your event on our calendar

Our event calendar has an abundance of free and low-cost events and activities for families to enjoy together. Inclusion in the calendar is free for events that fit our Calendar Guidelines. Or you can choose upgrade for a small fee.

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Monthly Patron 

Get on the top of our most viewed pages as the sole sponsor for the month. This option is a great use of resources for a big one-time event.

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box of trinketsUpgrading a Local Guide listing

We publish seasonal guides throughout the year.  If your interested in promoting Summer Camp or birthday parties or seasonal offerings, this may be the best way to get your toes wet working with us.

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By signing up here, you are giving FFTC consent to contact you via email when we are accepting submissions for  the Birthday Guide, Summer Camp Guide, and Field Trip Guide.

Metrics are available upon inquiry.

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