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Arts and crafts for kids — My kids love crafts.

I hate crafts.

Not because they aren’t cool, but because I don’t like the mess. Which is so funny because I have a very messy house. That aside–and the contradiction it is–I love to take my kids places to be creative. Where I don’t get upset because they made a crazy mess to create something cool.Lucky for me and you, we live in one of the best places in the country for this very thing.

The Twin Cities is stuffed with all kinds of artistically expressive outlets, and I keep finding new ones. Anywhere you live in the Twin Cities, you can find a studio or a class being offered.

I’m not exaggerating. There is something for everyone anywhere you go.  

5 Favorite Places for Arts and Crafts for Kids. 

  1. Heartfelt –If you have been following FFTC for a while, you know we love Heartfelt in Linden Hills.  Lisa and her team members have created the most adorable, creative little shop with the purpose of giving you some space to design. Each month they have a variety of different drop-in crafts pertaining to the season or a nearby holiday or fairies. They offer felting, collaging, painting, textile work. Just name it and there’s a great chance that you will find it a Heartfelt.

    Crafting at Heartfelt - Leave the mess there.
  2. ARTrageous Adventures — Another favorite studio of ours, ARTrageous Adventures offers drop in studio times on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 p.m. We love the organized scraps and the open attitude of the staff.

    ARTrageous Adventures keeps recyclables and scraps organized so you don’t have to.
  3. Simply Jane Studios–I have not personally been to Simply Jane Studios, but Jane Elias is the sister of Meg Elias-Emery, founder of Xelias Aerial Arts Performance Studio.  Nicki from Minnemama Adventures explored it one day and wrote about it on Nellie Bellie. Here’s what she thought. Simply Jane’s Toddler Time sounds like so much fun. It’s Thursday mornings from 10:00 am-noon costing from $5 for members and $10 for non-members.
  4. Minnesota Center for Book Arts–MCBA does not have drop in crafts or studio hours, but what it does have is monthly classes for the family.  It is located in the Open Book Building which houses the Loft Literary Center, Milkweed Publications, and MCBA.  Check out their schedule for their next family class and sign up.  My daughter once made a dragon book there.  It was amazing and so much fun!  Highly recommend them.  It’s a little pricey but worth it.

    Minnesota Center for Book Art
    Making a Dragon Book at MCBA
  5. Lakeshore Learning. If you are looking for great activity to do or a creative reward for a child to earn, Lakeshore Learning’s Saturday Crafts are perfect. 
    1. They are free.
    2. They are consistent. (11 a.m.-3 p.m. every Saturday in St. Louis Park and Maplewood)
    3. And they are really fun!

If you are in anyway like me–someone who wants her children to be creative but don’t want to go through the work to make that happen–check out one of these amazing studios. Or go to our directory and see what other arts and crafts for kids we have found for you!

Courageious heARTs Studio
Image courtesy of Courageous heARTs

If you don’t mind making a mess at home, try these ideas: Arts and Crafts for Kids Throughout the Year.

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  2. Jen Appleberry

    What a great article! We own a Craft Studio in Downtown Anoka called Appleberry’s Attic! Feel free to check us out on Facebook or Instagram. And all info can be found for our new monthly boxes at our website..We deliver DIY to your door once a month!

    Thanks for checking us out!

    – Jen Appleberry

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