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Nickelodeon Universe is the 7-acre indoor amusement park located at the Mall of America. It features all-ages fun from a Blues Clues toddler play area to thrill rides for older kids, teens and adults.

When your kid comes home from school and says: “Why don’t we ever get to go to the Mall of America” and you think: “We were just there a few months ago,” what they actually mean by “Mall of America” is Nickelodeon Universe. To kids, the Mall of America and Nickelodeon Universe are synonymous. Even if you never ride the rides, there is a little tiny bit of their heart that truly believes THIS TIME they are going to get to go on rides. Otherwise, why would they want to go to a giant mall. It is just like a regular size mall except a LOT more walking. I’m just sharing this little piece of parenting wisdom because it took me awhile to figure this out.

rollercoasters, east entrance
Image courtesy Nickelodeon Universe

Family-Friendly Entertainment

The indoor theme park hosts entertainment and character meets through the year, sometimes in conjunction with the greater Mall of America. Nickelodeon often hosts FREE Toddler Tuesday events where kids can meet characters from their favorite shows. They also have holiday-related entertainment. Particularly look for Halloween activities in October and kid-friendly New Years Eve activities.

Nearby Dining Options

Your easiest options for dining are just above Nickelodeon Universe in the third-floor food court. Also check out our Kids Eat Free or Cheap Twin Cities List for restaurants in Bloomington MN and other nearby cities.

Nickelodeon Universe Tickets

Discounts to Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park

Nickelodeon Universe is the amusement park at the Mall of America.Because this is a tourist attraction, rides can be a bit spendy, but there are ways to get tickets for less.

  1. Start with their special offers page.
    1. Buy a package with other MOA attractions – Like Flyover America or Sea Life.
    2. Use your military ID to get $10 off for up to 4 wristbands
    3. Go after 5 p.m. and buy Nickelodeon Universe discount wristbands for only $29.99.
    4. Go for Toddler Tuesdays and get a special toddler band
    5. Go 2 days in a row and save.
  2. Check with your employer, they may offer corporate discounts as one of your perks. If they do, you just need to enter your corporate code when ordering tickets.
  3. Whip out your AAA card.
  4. Reader Suggestion: Costco offers discounts. I was not able to verify this online, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you have a membership.
  5. Check Subway Restaurant. I see discounted coupons there often.
  6. Keep an eye on Groupon, they sometimes have half-price Nickelodeon Universe One-Month Passes.
  7. If you are 16+, go to work for the park. Employee’s get free tickets.
  8. Weekday Tickets are often cheaper than weekends and holidays.

Nickelodeon Universe Prices – 2023

There is no admission to visit the park, but individual rides are priced on a point basis, wit the cheaper rides costing about $4 and the more expensive rides just over $8. These prices are subject to change due to traffic patterns, so use this list as a guide, but check the website prior to visiting.

Ride Tickets:

  • 84 Point Pass $76.99
  • 54Point Pass $51.99
  • 30 Point Pass $32.99
  • 18 Point Pass $21.99
  • 9 Point Pass $11.40
  • 6 Point Pass $7.60
  • 3 Point Pass $3.80

Unlimited ride wristbands work like an all-access ticket and are available and priced according to peak and non-peak days.

  • Any Day Unlimited Wristband $44.99
  • Non-Peak Unlimited Wristband $39.99

Find Special Attraction Prices Here.

Nickelodeon Universe Rides

Rides range from 3pt ($4.05) rides to 6pt ($8.10) rides, with the smaller point rides usually being most appealing to the smaller kids. Find all the current rides here. Since we are not tourists and can visit more often, another budget option is to limit the kids to one ride per visit. With the law of diminishing returns, you’re first $3.80 may be your.

Kids & Family Rides Include*:

While there are plenty of roller coaster thrill rides for big kids and adults, these rides will appeal to the younger kids. In my experience, as an adult chaperone, I have been allowed to ride with my little ones for free on some of these kiddie rides. I don’t know if this is an official policy or a judgment call by the ride operators. I would recommend taking little kids on less busy days:

  • Back at the Barnyard Hayride
  • Backyardigans Swing-Along
  • Big Rigs – Car ride for kids 3-feet and up.
  • Blue’s Skidoo – Ride a giant Blue or Magenta from Blue’s Clues
  • Carousel Merry Go Round
  • Crazy Cars Bumper Cars
  • Diego’s Rescue Rider
  • El Circulo Del Cielo – A Dora The Explorer themed Ferris Wheel
  • Ghost Blasters – haunted house/shooting gallery
  • Guppy Bubbler
  • La Aventura De Azul
  • Log Chute
  • Paw Patrol Adventure Bay – Toddler Playground
  • Rugrats Reptarmobiles
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Pineapple Poppers
  • Swiper’s Sweeper
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed – Shredder’s Mutant Masher
  • Wonder Pet’s Flyboat

*Some of these rides may be closed for health and safety reasons.

The MOA can be a fun place to spend a full day. Check Out Gianna’s Mall of America Family Guide, Floor By Floor for the best family shops, family restroom locations, mother’s rooms and stroller & locker rental information as well as nearby hotels.

Family fun Twin Cities' Guide to the Mall of America - floor by floor - Title backdrop Pineapple Poppers ride at Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota
Family fun Twin Cities’ Guide to the Mall of America

Birthday Parties

Birthday party packages for the park include a free wristband for the birthday child. You choose between 3-hour wristbands and 5-hour wristbands. You must purchase at least seven wristbands.

East Entrance of Nickelodeon Universe
Image courtesy Nickelodeon Universe

Nickelodeon Universe can be a fun family splurge outing any time of the year. With rides and entertainment for all ages and plenty of restaurants in the mall, you can keep busy without ever leaving the Mall of America.

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