2 Pianos, 4 Hands–Date Night FAST Giveaway

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This giveaway is now closed!  Thanks for playing!

Michael Pearce Donley and Peter Vitale star in a hilarious piano-based show — 2 Pianos, 4 Hands.
The story is centered around these two characters’ lives–their piano performance journey from childhood to now when they should be at their peak.  Unfortunately, not everything along the journey has been easy.  

But I can guarantee that it will be easy on your ears.  MPD has assured me that the script is hilarious, and I can guarantee the music will be one of a kind.

With music including classical to Billy Joel and perfect punch-line deliverers, you will have yourself a wonderful Christmas date.

2 Pianos, 4 Hands is playing at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul, from December 5-21 offering both evening performances and matinees.

I personally cannot wait to see this play. As soon as I learned that Michael Pearce Donley was in a new show this season, I contacted Park Square Theatre for more information.  I think I am one of the biggest MPD fans in the world. Most of us know him from Triple Espresso–A Highly Caffeinated Comedy.    His humor and timing are hilarious.  He rocks the stage with his performance on the piano.  And he is an all around awesome dude.  (I do know him personally.  I’m not just saying that in hopes that he is awesome.  I can vehemently say that he is awesome.)

I know nothing about Peter Vitale personally, but since I  trust my friend Mike, I can tell you that he is a great guy, too.  Currently, he is the musical director at Ten Thousand Things Theatre in Minneapolis.  Like Mike, his background is in piano performance.  And actually, he found this play and brought it to Park Square Theatre suggesting that it was the perfect show for MPD and him.  

It wasn’t an automatic, however.  Both men had to audition for a part in the show.  It just so turns out that they were cast.  

This show is designed for teens and adults–which makes it a perfect date night option. 

Giveaway Info

This is a fast giveaway.  It closes this Friday, December 5 at 1:00 p.m. 

To enter, leave a comment about your musical training as a child.  Whether it was learning to play an instrument or learning to like a certain style, we’ve all got some kind of story about growing up and music.  

The winner will be contacted by email and will be able to choose which show they would like to attend.


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I am married to the craziest, most awesome man I know. We have four kids--Ranging in ages from 5-10. You can learn more about my life as a mother and wife at www.giannaraekordatzky.blogspot.com .

I love to throw parties and be with friends. I love to read my Bible and grow closer to God. I love to eat and exercise. I have learned to love coffee.
And I could really use a nap.


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  • I love the theatre. I played the piano for 15 years. I was in a summer play every year until I was 10 and I was in the nutcracker 2x as well. This sounds like a fun date night.

  • I was terrible at piano, but plugged along for several years with lessons. Now I can’t play a thing, but I love to listen to quiet piano music more than anything else. Chris Rice is my favorite.

  • I’m not musically inclined…at all. Can’t play an instrument and definitely cannot carry a tune, but oh how I love to sing. Much to the detriment of my family of course. I’m also that person who doesn’t know all the proper words to a song so I plug in my own version =) . Since it’s Christmas, I love listening to instrumental, jazzy Christmas music.

  • I have loved music from a young age and learned to play a couple of different instruments…but nothing like MPD on the piano. I would love to be able to play like that. Maybe I can still learn! 😉

  • Some of my earliest memories are of my mom singing and playing the guitar. I grew up immersed in music everyday and it grew to be my greatest love- until college when I met my piano duet partner. We’ve been married almost 18 years now and are still playing duets.

  • I learned how to play me baritone at the young age of 10 and played all the way thru college. Great times from the high school marching band to traveling to Canada with the college symphonic band.

  • I played oboe for a year until my dad tried to cure my hiccups one day by scaring me and I dropped my oboe and broke the reeds. Then I switched to trombone for the next seven years.

  • I took violin as a child for a short time- I was afraid of performing so I backed out before my first recital! I regret to this day not learning to play an instrument. This is why I have on my 2015 plans to take lessons to learn the stand up bass!

  • Started piano in 2nd grade, walking after school to Mrs. Thompson’s house. Nice enough teacher to like lessons, but with enough fear factor that “Mrs Thompson’s gonna kill me for not practicing” were not uncommon words on lesson day. I did make progress and she was gracious to release me to another teacher when my skills went past the level she felt comfortable with. Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane!

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