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2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404
612.874.0400 (Tickets); 612.874.0500 (Administration)
Admission: $15.00
Tickets $15.00-$54.00 (With Scholarships Available)
Box Office 612.874.0400
Concessions Available
See website for individual performances

For over 50 years, Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) has been creating extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge and inspire young people and the Twin Cities Community. Going to a play or musical there is always a treat for the family, especially when combined with a short trip to the MIA. CTC also offers acting classes, workshops and camps for kids throughout the year through their Theatre Arts Training (TAT) program.

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Feet of various sizes wearing puppet booties in the lobby of Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Magical Puppet Booties – even for adults!

One of my favorite things about CTC is that they employ a full-time professional acting company. As regular audience members, we start to feel like these actors are friends and we love to see each new incarnation. As community members, we know we can count on CTC to keep great talent in our community by employing them full-time. It’s really a winning combination. Get to know your favorites a little more here.

Discounts and Coupons to Children’s Theatre Company Performances

Shows start at $15 in Price Level C. This is close to the prices of other children’s theatre’s around the Twin Cities. However, when you are making it a family outing, this pricing can still be out of reach for some families. We have never seen a legitimate coupon for any main stage performance at CTC. However, there are several ways to get discounted tickets.

CTC’s ACT Pass Program is a needs-based scholarship program for tickets, classes, and camps. You can read more about Joy’s experience with the ACT Pass Program here. In short, if you qualify for any type of assistance, school lunches, WIC, MA, etc., it is worth applying for this program.

Besides the ACT Pass program, CTC suggests other ways to save on tickets. These include:

  1. Military ID discount: For adults with military IDs and partners of employed military.
  2. Plan Ahead with Preview performances: Tickets for the first Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday performances of each show can be purchased in advance and are substantially discounted.
  3. Be Spontaneous with Rush Tickets: Starting 2 hours you can show up at CTC and purchase unsold seats for $15 each at the ticket office. While this is the same price as the C Level tickets, the seats will be better.
  4. Check reciprocal benefits. We recently saw a 10% off discount through AAA.

Acting Classes for Kids at Children’s Theatre Company

Besides children’s productions, CTC also offers the Theatre Arts Training (TAT) Program. Gianna has shared her experience with TAT here; and Joy, who has taken advantage of classes through the ACT Pass program, lists 10 benefits of theatre classes here. Gianna has also interviewed Ellie McKay, the director of the TAT program. You can read that interview here.


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