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Open Eye Figure Theatre Directory Square
506 E 24th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 874-6338 or
Admission varies by show
Open one hour before performances.

Open Eye Figure Theatre is nationally recognized for “bringing a visual feast of evocative figure theater to the stage.” Each summer, they bring their popular driveway tour to backyard audiences of all ages around the Twin Cities.

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Discounted Tickets to Open Eye Figure Theater

Open Eye holds 10% of each shows tickets to be sold at a discount for economic availability. If tickets remain at the door, they will be sold as a pay-as-your-able.

Art Gallery at Open Eye Figure Theatre

The theatre has a community art gallery on site with a rotating collection of art. Currently, the gallery is only open during performance times or by arrangement. The building opens an hour before any performance. Admittance to the gallery is free.

2023 Driveway Tour

Open Eye may be best known for their annual Driveway Tour. Each summer Open Eye tours driveways all around the Twin Cities with a rotating performance schedule of amazing shows that entertain both kids and adults. Anyone can sign up to host a driveway show, but preference is given to those who raise money for Open Eye. Participation is opened up to the public in early spring each year.

The 2023 Shows will be Tucker’s Robot (June 9-July 16, 2023) and Molly & The Magical Boot (July 19-August 27, 2023).

Tucker’s Robot

“Tucker is a bright but self-doubting young boy who must go back in time to learn how to face his fears. How do you go back in time? With a time-traveling robot of course! Together, Tucker and his robot discover the importance of friendship on the journey to boldly being yourself!”

Molly and the Magic Boot!

“Molly is excited to spend a whole week at Grandma’s farm, but events on the journey there leave her without her gadgets. With the help of a Magic Boot and a cast of new farm friends, Molly’s time with Grandma becomes a summer to remember.”

History of Open Eye Theatre

In 2016, Gianna interviewed Michelle Pett, a member of the board of directors of Open Eye. During that interview, Gianna asked the following question:

What is the history of Open Eye Figure Theatre?

“Open Eye was founded by Susan Haas and Michael Sommers in 2000.  Michael, a professor at the University of Minnesota, is an internationally recognized theatre artist specializing in figure theatre.  Figure theatre includes a range of puppetry but is really about telling stories by animating the inanimate.  Sue as Artistic Producing Director is the lifeblood of Open Eye — she curates all the programming, cultivating and engaging artists from the national scene to bring their work to their theatre (and to the Twin Cities).  They were early members of the Theatre de la Jeune Lune ensemble, connected closely to local artists like Kevin Kling.  They really are jewels in the Twin Cities’ artist crown.
Open Eye is nationally recognized for bringing a visual feast of evocative figure theater to the stage. The company’s whimsical yet profound work surprises and delights whether experienced in the company’s historic jewel box theater in Minneapolis or in neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities with the Driveway Tour. From experimental object works to puppet shows in backyards to community pageants to miniature spectacles, Open Eye consistently creates a unique, contagious exchange between artists and audiences.”
Michelle Pett

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