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Youth Performance Co.
Classes and Camps: 641 Fairview Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104
Performances: Howard Conn Fine Arts Center, 1900 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
612.623.9080 (Box) / 612.623.9180 (Admin)
Admission: $16.00
Adults: $15; Children (under 18): $12; Seniors (62 and over): $12

Youth Performance Company is an award-winning youth theatre company located in Minneapolis that develops and empowers young actors, singers, and dancers to reach their artistic potential and become community leaders. YPC works to accomplish this goal by creating an environment that respects the intelligence and imagination of young people, while encouraging personal accomplishment. The youth participate in all aspects of creating the performances, including writing, directing, building sets and designing costumes.

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Youth Performance Company Summer Camps and Classes

The theatre offers acting classes, camps and workshops for kids between kindergarten and high school. Classes range from beginner through more experienced. All levels explore storytelling through acting and end with a workshop that family members can enjoy.

Youth Performance Company Auditions

The theatre performs several shows each years and opens auditions to kids of appropriate ages. Auditions are closed, but they try to keep them fun and non-stressful to bring out the beset in the kids trying out for the parts. Chosen actors will work alongside professional actors in the production.

Address for Classes and Camps

In 2019, Youth Performance Company has moved to its current location in the Fairview Business Center. This will be most important for students taking classes or camps through YPC. Performances will still be held at Howard Conn Center in Minneapolis.

Youth Performance Company On Stage Performances

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