November Family Holidays: 30 Days of Fun Celebrations

Family around a table with pumpkin pie. "November 30 Days of Family Celebrations"

Friday, November 6, 2020

Name A Musical Instrument After Yourself Day

At Home Family Fun:

  • Get out some beans, old plastic Easter eggs, toilet paper tubes, rubber bands, oatmeal containers and anything else you can think of and start making creative musical instruments. Then name them after yourself.
  • Watch This Is Minnesota Orchestra on TPT tonight at 8pm

Outing Idea:

Visit a park like Town Green Park in Maple Grove or Jackson Square Park in Minneapolis, where you can test out some playground instruments for ideas.

Town Green Park, Maple Grove

Read Aloud:

Learn More:

I just made up this Holiday, but I think its going to take off. Learn more about Adolphe Sax and John Phillip Sousa, both born on this day, and both created and named an instrument after themselves – Saxophone & Sousaphone.

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