Veterans Day: Dedicated Memorial Parks to Honor Veterans

Veterans Day (always November 11th in remembrance of the WWI armistice) falls on a Wednesday in 2020.

Looking for a family-friendly way to celebrate Veterans Day that honors America’s veterans while still age-appropriate for kids? How about one of the Twin Cities’ Veteran Memorial Parks? You can spend a little time at the memorial and then let the kids run and play.

Veterans Day: Dedicated Memorial Parks to Honor Veterans

Minneapolis Veterans Memorial Parks

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has dedicated memorial parks that honor Minnesota and Hennepin County veterans from WWI and WWII. Each memorial site features a monument and plaques dedicated to fallen soldiers. They are also intended to offer a peaceful setting to commemorate lost loved ones and contemplate world peace.

  • Sheridan Memorial Park | 1300 Water St. NE | Sheridan Memorial Park commemorates all veterans from Minnesota and emphasizes the cost of war and importance of peace. Open 6 am-10 pm, the park features trails and a river overlook centered around a large spherical sculpture of protective shields created by a local artist.
  • Victory Memorial Parkway | Theodore Wirth Parkway to 45th Avenue North then east to Lyndale Avenue North | Victory Memorial Parkway monument salutes the bravery and sacrifices of people from Hennepin County who lost their lives in World War I Visit Victory Park when you want a play break. Victory Memorial Drive is part of the historic 50-mile Grand Rounds Scenic Byway System.

Veterans Memorial at Bunker Hills

Veterans Memorial at Bunker Hills in Andover

Other Twin Cities Veterans Memorial Parks

Bunker Hills Tank

Bunker Hills Tank

Celebrate Veterans Day at Events Around the Twin Cities

I’m sure we missed some parks with memorials. Leave us a comment and we’ll add your favorite park for next year.

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