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Access Bookflix with your Hennepin County Library Card

The last week or so, I’ve been fighting a head cold. The last thing I wanted to do was read out loud. Luckily, I had just discovered Bookflix through my Library. So, I had another option for reading time.

Bookflix is a program created by Scholastic books that pairs a child’s fiction book with a non-fiction book. So far all the fiction books we’ve tried have been animated books by Weston Woods and the corresponding non-fiction was a turn-the-page style e-book. My kid’s love these. I have the option of turning on or off the narrator, so I can read, or not read, depending on the day. Afterwards, we play three games: a vocabulary game, a fiction/non-fiction game, and a sequence game.  If we still want more, we can learn about the author, or Bookflix has suggestions for websites on the topic, or I can even read over the accompanying lesson plan that is included with each pairing. You can find the full book list HERE.

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How to Use Bookflix

We like to project the screen onto our wall to make it a family thing, but I think it would also work really nicely cuddled on the couch with an iPad or laptop.  Either way, it adds the personal touch back into e-reading with kids. These books are aimed at pre-readers to early readers. My 5th Grader likes it to the extent that she gets to play teacher with the younger siblings.

The best part of Bookflix is that it is free with your library card. To access Bookflix, grab your library card, log on to your library’s website and search “Bookflix”.  St. Paul Library was nice enough to make a video tutorial, but you can probably do this one on your own.

Age Levels

Bookflix is just right for Pre-K and early readers.  My 3rd grader enjoys watching with his younger sister, but finds the puzzles too easy and the books on the low side of his interest level.

Participating Libraries:

The following 8 local libraries participate in the Bookflix program.

  1. Anoka County Library
  2. Carver County Library
  3. Dakota County Library
  4. Hennepin County Library
  5. Ramsey County Library
  6. Saint Paul Public Library
  7. Scott County Library
  8. Washington County Library
This article was originally published in October of 2015
and has been updated as necessary.

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