Crafty Wednesday – Treasure Art

Treasure Art from buttons

Treasure Art developed out of my kids’ odd collections. They’ve collected buttons, bottle caps, broken jewelry, fabric cut from old clothes. I had to say no when my oldest started bringing home filthy pieces of asphalt from the school playground in the bottom of her backpack.

I’m always a bit torn about whether to encourage these collections or keep my home clutter free. Usually there is a middle ground. I’ll pick it out of the sweep pile if I have the time, but there is always more stuff. Ultimately, I want to nurture the creative, resourceful ideas that develop from these treasures, so we try to have some fun with them.

Sorting bottle caps for Treasure Art
One reason we love this kind of art project is that we can photograph it and then dump the buttons back in their container, but if we ever want to keep something, it can be preserved by gluing it to canvas.

Treasure Art

Variations on Treasure Art

Sometimes we all try to make the same thing – like a tree or a person — and then compare notes. Other times someone just makes spontaneous treasure art. As with the hand featured above, sometimes this technique can be combined with other art.

This can be a particularly fun way to entertain smaller kids while you read aloud.

What to Use For The Projects

The following photos are of treasure art made from buttons, because that is what we were collecting at the time. We’ve made art with bottle caps, fabric pieces and things picked up on our nature walks. Perhaps this tendency is genetic, because my grandma framed arrowheads she picked up on her walks and I’ve done the same with bits of petrified wood.


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