Cold Weather Crafts: Activities to do at Home When You Don’t Want to Leave Your House

A few years ago, Family Fun Twin Cities was invited into the WCCO studio to suggest some fun crafts to do with the kids during this absolutely horrific cold weather. (I’m not complaining about the cold in Minnesota.  I’m just saying there is cold, very cold, and absolutely horrific cold.) So, we offer some Cold Weather Crafts for those days.

Watch the segments and find the show notes for each idea.

Haitian Macrame Friendship Bracelets

I found the instructions on Crafts Unleashed from Consumer Crafts.

Cold Weather Crafts

Make Friendship Bracelets

Button Jewelry

Joy and I found this craft while searching for fun crafts to do with kids. Where did we find them? Pinterest, of course!

Cold Weather Crafts

Button Jewelry Craft

Ella and Penguin by Megan Maynor

Ella and Penguin Stick Together Book Puppets

Here are the simple steps to create Ella and Penguin in easy puppet form.

  1. Gather Your supplies: Construction paper, scissor, glue, stick
    Cold Weather Crafts - Construction Paper, Ella and Penguin

    Construction Paper, Ella and Penguin

  2. Cut your Construction paper into shapes
    Penguin is
    -1 large oval
    -2 small ovals for flippers
    -2 small triangles (one for beak and one for head)
    -2 small rectangles for feet
    -1 circle for face
    Ella is
    -1 circle for head
    -2 small circles for pigtails
    -1 square trimmed to fit the shape of the head for hair and bangs
    -1 large-ish triangle for dress
  3. Cold Weather Crafts - Ella and Penguin Puppets

    Ella and Penguin Puppets

    Glue shapes together to resemble characters

  4. Tape characters on stick–pencil, popsicle sticks, etc.
  5. Feel free to add any details you want or spread modge podge over your creation to make it sturdier.
  6. Read the book together with puppets in hand.
  7. Find a new book and do it again!

Cold Weather Crafts - Ella and Penguin

In Studio with the WCCO Morning Team!
Poor Jason! He got a little reprimanded for his puppet!

Published on: Jan 11, 2016
by Gianna Kordatzky


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