November Family Holidays: 30 Days of Fun Celebrations

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
National Jukebox Day

At Home Family Fun:

Break out your favorite music (this would be an awesome day to pull out your vinyl collection if you have one). Turn up the music and sing loud, dance (and maybe clean a little).  You could bring home a roll of nickels to hand out and make everyone pay a nickel to pick a song. Get fancy, make a jukebox out of a cardboard box where kids can drop in their nickels when they choose the next song.

Read Aloud:

The Jukebox Man by Jacqueline K. Ogburn – The nostalgic story of a girl accompanying her grandfather as he services jukeboxes.

Dinner Ideas:

Serve some traditional diner food — like hamburgers or hot dogs with French fries and play some 50s music while you eat.

Dinner Conversation Starter: What is your favorite song right now? Can you guess each other’s favorites before they reveal it?

Learn More:

about National Jukebox Day, marking the anniversary of the first coin-operated jukebox.

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