Mission Impossible: Family Fun State Fair Style
Field Trip at Silverwood Park
Falling Into September
Childish Films Series Begins Saturday at Minneapolis Central Library
10 More Ideas for FREE Family Fun at the Minnesota State Fair!
The Labor Day Weekend Free List
Attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival With Kids
Planning for the Minnesota State Fair
Tips for Family Safety At the Minnesota State Fair
In My Inbox: Free Art and Dance Opportunities
Weekend Highlights!

Mission Impossible: Family Fun State Fair Style


No matter what day you decide to head out to the State Fair, Family Fun Twin Cities has a mission for your family!
Check in each day for the daily mission.
Report back to mission control (our facebook page) with visual evidence of your completed mission.
Go to this link to join the fun at anytime!


Mission 12
Monday, September 1, 2014
Kids & Last Chance Day

Find this


As the State Fair chugs away for another year,

we say so long to the Great Minnesota Get Together!

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities

Field Trip at Silverwood Park



If you can, try to get No-Coast-Craft-O-Rama’s  Field Trip  presented together with mnartists.org and Three Rivers Park District on your schedule. It will be held at Silverwood Park on Saturday, September 20  from 11:00 am-5:00 pm (check this)

It will not disappoint since there will be  no drama, just loads of fun. You will be able to enjoy  the park sculptures and the food  and a few whole lot of the crafts.  You may  also build a fort in the woods, play Lawn Jenga, blow bubbles, shop at the vendor booths and walk one of the paths.  Live music will keep you dancing, and a scavenger hunt may give you  a fun adventure working for a prize at the end.

Celebrating local artisans and the beauty of the park together with the local community has never been to colorful, vibrant, exciting, perfect, and delightful.  Make sure that you get to play with the parachute or do lawn twister (if they have them) since those are the few things we didn’t get to do.

DSCF8405When we were there last year, most activities/crafts were manned by staff, but some things like the Jenga and the parachute, twister and the scavenger hunt were left for you to do on your own.  There were even free canoe rides.  The kids all wanted to take a canoe ride, but I do know my limits and taking three children under the ages of 7 by myself in a canoe is not within my limits.

This event is so worth your time, and it’s a great place to pick up gifts especially for those people who are harder to buy gifts for.   There was so much to look at.

Even with that said I would highly recommend going! Don’t miss out on the Field Trip fun!  There will be more opportunities to enjoy No-Coast-Craft-O-Rama, but Field Trip is pretty awesome!  You won’t want to pass it by!

Field Trip by No-Coast-Craft-O-Rama
Silverwood Park
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Time 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities.

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities

Falling Into September


Every year September arrives in a whirlwind. In the bustle to get everyone to school and start the new routines and shell out all the money that is asked for, sometimes we don’t have time to reflect on our summer. So if you are reading this article, let’s take some time to reflect on our summer wins and losses.

Here are some of my family’s.

Loss:  We didn’t make it to a Free Family Funday at the Carl Kroening Interpretive Center.
Win:  We had an amazing Family Fun Twin Cities playdate in July, and we plan to do something similar again next year!

Loss:  We didn’t get to Gammelgarden Museum in Scandia.
Win:  Tori went to Nordic Cooking and Crafts Day Camp at the American Swedish Institute  and had a blast.

Loss:  We weren’t able to go to Big Marina Park.
Win:  We spent a morning with one of our favorite teachers at Silverwood Park.

Loss:  We didn’t have as many beach days as in the past.
Win: We went swimming many times at the Y with Daddy.

Loss: Our one camping trip this summer was cold and rainy.
Win: We enjoyed exploring Amicon Falls State Park before the cold front blew in.

Loss: No trip to Fort Snelling was had.
Win: We spent a cold and rainy afternoon together as a family at the Minnesota History Center (again with Daddy).

While this summer wasn’t everything I had planned for our family, it was successful.  We had an incredible time being together, and I am so thrilled for the memories we created.  Even if your summer was stressful or full of major changes, I hope you can find one or two wins.

Now, it’s September and September is my birthday month.  So as a way to celebrate my birthday, I thought I would highlight some fun things for mom to do without the children and of course some great things to do as a whole family.

For Mom

Silver+Silk+Style An Autumn Accessories Show
Artist Mercantile
24 West 7th Place, St. Paul, MN  55102

Thursday, September 18, 2014 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Friday, September 19, 2014 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

For the Family

Kidstock: MacPhail Open House for children 8 and under
MacPhail Center for Music
501 S. 2nd St., Minneapolis (

Saturday, September 6, 2014 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Apple Orchard Extravaganzas

West Metro
East Metro
South Metro 
Southeast Metro
North Metro

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities

Childish Films Series Begins Saturday at Minneapolis Central Library


Updated 09/01/2014.

Childish Films
Minneapolis Central Library
Series begins September 21, 2013
10:00 a.m.  FREE!

The 2014 Series Starts Saturday, September 20th with films from the New York International Children’s Festival.

I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve taken kids out to a movie at an honest-to-gosh cinema. Much of it has to do with the fact that usually where the older sibs go, the younger ones must follow (the young ones being the ones without the suggested attention span). And the rest of it is about that painful price of movie tickets – not to mention that $10 bucket of popcorn the kids’ll no doubt beg for.

Enter the Childish Films monthly series at the Minneapolis Central Library. It’s the perfect solution. Especially this Saturday, September 20, when the free, kid-friendly cinema is screening its Kid Flix Fest! None of the 8 short films to be screened runs more than 7 minutes (perfect for those fidgety little sibs that must come along). Most other Saturdays the quirky independent films run about 30-40 minutes. Plus, the popcorn price isn’t an issue because Whole Foods generously donates snacks starting at 10 a.m.

Around 10:30, live entertainment begins. Entertainment varies from month to month; check the schedule to get the latest information.

If my memory serves me correctly, the movies will begin around 11:00 a.m. No rush, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Childish Films at Minneapolis Central Library
300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN, 55401 

Doors open at 10 a.m. for snacks, live entertainment begins at 10:30, film begins by 11 a.m.

About the Author: Anne Kingston is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities.

About the Author: Anne Kingston is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities.

10 More Ideas for FREE Family Fun at the Minnesota State Fair!


Heading out to the Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day Weekend? As promised, I’ve got ten more ideas for FREE family fun to fit in between those rounds of deep-fried, on-a-stick, end-of-summer treats.

eco experience nature playground

Eco Experience Nature Adventure Play Yard – My kids could have spent hours here, digging in the sand, damming the stream, skipping stumps, and searching for the fairy house. You might not want to budget that kind of time at the Fair, but it’s worth a stop in to get some ideas on how to make your own backyard more friendly to free play. Located outside the Eco Experience building on Randall Ave. 9am – 9pm.

Arts A’Fair pop-up showcases – Catch acts like Open Eye Figure Theater, Voice of Culture Drum & Dance, Green T Productions, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre and more in the new West End Market plaza. Check your Fair Daily Schedule to see who’ll be popping up during the last weekend. Located in the KSTP Heritage Plaza at West End Market. Performances throughout the day.


EquiMania! – This interactive exhibit in the Horse Barn teaches the Fairgoer about equine health, anatomy, careers and more. You don’t have to be a horse lover to enjoy the hands-on activities as evidenced by my own little Fairgoers. Located in the Horse Barn on Judson Ave. at Ligget St. 9am – 9pm.

Floralpalooza’s Zoo-Tanical – Located in the center hall of the Ag-Hort Building, this colorful, whimsical exhibit is packed with displays from local florists. My kids loved spotting the various zoo animals in their lush habitats. Bonus: get to the exhibit early – the first 50 kids who show up get free face-painting or balloon-twisting – and you’re less likely to have to fight the crowds. Located in the Ag-Hort Building. 9am – 9pm.

Be a WCCO Fair Forecaster!

Be a WCCO Weather Fair Forecaster! – It’s a blast to watch the kids forecast the weather at this interactive exhibit. They can play around with green screens or insert themselves into a lineup of WCCO personalities. A teleprompter and touch screen helps kids deliver the forecast with style!

Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show – Advertised as “Fur Flying Family Fun”, the show performs three times daily in the Lumberjack Arena. Lots of doggy tricks, audience participation, and a boost for pet adoption awareness. Located in the North Woods area of the Fair on Cooper St. east of Little Farm Hands. Shows at 11am, 2pm, and 4:30pm daily.

The Common Table – A brand-new exhibit that aims to teach the Fairgoer about sustainable food and get conversations started about the consequences of our food choices. Kids can draw or write in their own favorite seasonal food on a chalkboard display.

giant sing-along!

Giant Sing-Along – No need to be shy when you’re singing along to karaoke favorites with a field of other Fairgoers! Kids can snag their own mics and belt out the tunes with help from lyrics projected onto a monster screen. Located on Murphy Ave. across from the Pet Center. 9am – 8pm.

Minnesota DNR Building – There’s so much to explore at the historic DNR Building: spot local species in the Wildlife Wing, fantasy fish at the outdoor pond, and partake in free naturalist activities inside and out. Try climbing the Fire Tower for a unique birds-eye view of the Fairgrounds (open 9am-5pm weather permitting). Located in the DNR Park. 9am – 9pm.

FAN Central – A mecca of local pro sports teams and their assorted promotional games and merchandise. If you’ve got a little sports fan in the family, pop in to shoot free throws and try your hand at lacrosse. Located on Underwood St. across from the Food Building. 9am – 9pm.

Get out and enjoy the Fair before it’s going…going…GONE for another year!

About the Author: Anne Kingston is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities.

The Labor Day Weekend Free List

  • Better Than Recess 2
  • Sandcastle - Labor Day Weekend
  • Last Saturday Drop-In:  Honey Harvest & Tasting

Attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival With Kids


I’m always a little surprised by how quickly the weather turns in September.  During the first couple weeks of school we’ll get daily reminders to send water bottles and then suddenly the messages change to reminders to dress appropriately for cool weather.  This is great news for attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival because my only complaint was the heat.  We wandered the festival grounds for a couple hours enjoying ourselves wherever we were.  However, we had to cut our visit shorter than we would have liked because of the sun.  Already, this week, the weather started to have that subtle feel of autumn.  This will make a visit to the festival more comfortable — especially if you choose to wear costumes.

I guess I have always thought of the Renaissance Festival as an adult outing, but attending with my kids brought out a whole new side of this festival. Below are my favorite family-friendly activities and few ideas for what we will do next year to make our day even better. Read More

Tips for Family Safety At the Minnesota State Fair


Last year at the State Fair, I witnessed a little boy who had lost his mommy. A year before that I had lost Jack in a very crowded venue and didn’t know where to begin looking. Just last week, good friends of ours lost their young son at ComoTown. Thankfully, in all these cases, mother/father and son were reunited. Read More

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities

In My Inbox: Free Art and Dance Opportunities


It’s the Last week of Summer!  For some, it’s the first week of school!  So this week has a lot of different expectations.  Here are some things you may enjoy if you find yourself with a little down time!

Read More

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities

Weekend Highlights!


It was a busy weekend for Family Fun Twin Cities!

Anne’s family joined the FFTC Crew at the Alphabet Forest and were big helpers.

PicMonkey Collage - alphabet forest - Copy

Gianna’s flight from North Carolina was delayed and she got in a day late, but that didn’t stop the activity.  Her family had the privilege of enjoying Target Field on Friday night as well as the State Fair on Saturday.



Joy had the privilege of not only joining us at the State Fair, but also enjoying the Renaissance Festival with her family the next day!

(that’s a lot of activity for anyone let alone a pregnant mama.)

State Fair Collage


Renaissance Banner

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities

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