Cozy Up and Play at These Kid-Friendly Twin Cities Coffee Shops/Cafes

My preschooler and I recently spent a string of chilly gray days visiting these Twin Cities coffee shops to give you an idea of where you might bring your little one(s) for both a cozy indoor play space and a decent cup of joe. If you know of a similar place where kids can spread out in an area dedicated to them, please drop us a line.

Kid-friendly Twin Cities Coffee Shops in Minneapolis & St Paul

Sovereign Grounds | Minneapolis

Kid-friendly Twin Cities coffee shops

Owned by one of our charter school families, I was especially eager to get to this Twin Cities coffee shop. This is a place that takes children seriously; hence the full name Sovereign Grounds Indoor Playground & Coffeehouse. It tops our list of java joints to bring the kiddos because the space is large (an entire dedicated room), clean (don’t forget to remove your shoes to save the new carpeting), and stocked with quality playthings. Tables are a little squeezed, but their proximity to the toys means you can easily keep an eye on your kid while you sip great coffee and chat with a friend (should you be so lucky to do so). Prepare for a buzz of morning activity that eases up after the lunch hour. A bathroom is conveniently nearby and the coffeehouse menu includes fresh bakery items, interesting salads, and plenty of inexpensive child-pleasing snacks. Don’t miss this one — the biggest thumbs-up from my 3-year-old.

Dunn Brothers Coffee | Linden Hills, Minneapolis

Kids can enjoy a small space with a chalkboard and a shelf of toys while parents might manage to get their daily caffeine intake at a very nearby table. In my experience with Dunn Brothers, I think many of the franchise locations carve out a spot for kids; this particular locale is my favorite because it’s located in lovely Linden Hills. There’s so much within walking distance of this Twin Cities coffee shop for kids to enjoy (see our 5 Spots to Stop in Linden Hills, Minneapolis post) that it’s easy to make an afternoon of it, once properly caffeinated, of course.

Riverview Cafe | Minneapolis

Kid-friendly Twin Cities coffee shops

Riverview Cafe Play Nook

Props to the Riverview Cafe for having a carpeted nook set aside for the preschool-and-under set. There are not large tables nearby to accommodate food, drink, and mom gear, but there a couple couches with a clear vantage point of the littles. Mine had an absolutely wonderful time playing with the generous assortment of plastic vehicles (thankfully nothing noisy). If you pop in over the lunch hour, there are sandwiches, salads and yummy (but spendy) desserts as well as snacks and juice boxes for kids.

Ginkgo Coffeehouse | St Paul

Ginkgo’s little space for children is tucked away between some shelving and is fairly no-frills. There’s a shaggy patch of carpet to sit on and blackboard along the wall to scribble on with a few stubs of chalk. A few toys and books at this Twin Cities coffee shop will entertain preschoolers for a short while – maybe long enough for mom to nosh on a grilled panini or some of Gingko’s special veggie lasagna? A kid-sized scoop of ice cream is an inexpensive treat.

A Cupcake Social | Minneapolis

Just down the road from both Riverview Cafe and Fireroast is this sweet little corner cupcake-and-coffee shop. Kids are considered important customers here as there is a nook dedicated to them complete with a a junior tea table and a retro kitchen set where they can “bake” to their heart’s content.

Cupcakes, Playtime, and Coffee

The Goat Coffeehouse | St Paul

Kid-friendly Twin Cities coffee shops

The Play Area on the Second Floor

For another kid-friendly option try this spot near downtown St. Paul. The coffee and breakfast sandwiches are swell and the playroom is tucked away on the second floor of the building, which may make for a quiet respite. Visitors can borrow a Wii, making this a good option when the bigger kids are along, too.

More Kid-Friendly Twin Cities Coffee Shops

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe | Hopkins

Kids Can Play Cupcake Baker While You Enjoy Your Coffee

FFTC was there — scarfing cupcakes, sipping coffee and with the kids happily occupied — when this sweet shoppe hosted its grand opening summer of 2016. Kids can get busy baking their own cupcake creations while you sit a spell nearby.

Silverwood Park Café | Saint Anthony

The Visitor Center at Silverwood Park is a great way to sneak in coffee, art and nature all in one. Bonus that they keep a kid-friendly cart of books and activities. The downside, you do need to watch them near the art, but the upside is you can explore the park a little before heading home.

Little Coffee House on the Prairie?

FIKA | American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis

While FIKA itself is not particularly kid-friendly, it is a wide open space with lots of light and delicious pastries. Because its located at the entrance to ASI, it can be combined with a visit to the family gallery to become a kid-friendly outing. The best time to visit is on Kids At The Castle days.

Dala Horse at the American Swedish Institute

Combine Your Coffee Date with a Play Date at the Castle

Reader RecommendationBlack Sheep Coffee Cafe | South St. Paul

“Black Sheep in South St Paul is very VERY kid and family friendly! Lots of toys, comfy armchairs (nursing friendly), As well as larger tables” Thank you to our reader, Allie, for this recommendation.

Reader RecommendationFig & Farro | Calhoun Square, Minneapolis

“FIG AND FARRO vegan restaurant has an amazing kid area with a loft, lots of books and toys. They also have a great kids menu. We went there last night and were so impressed!” Thank you to our reader, Jenna, for this recommendation. We did check it out and she is right, the kids area is amazing. Kids meals are $5 or $3 for the “Three Bite Club”. The lunch menu includes an Espresso bar. They tell us that the bartenders will make a “Milk Flight” of macadamia, almond and coconut milks for kids.

Fig + Farro

Image courtesy of Fig + Farro.

Reader RecommendationMinisota Play Cafe | Champlin

Thanks to Reader, Cassie, for reminding us to add the Minisota Play Cafe. Note that, unlike the rest of these options, there is a cover charge to visit. Children 1- 9 years old cost $10.00; and babies 6-12 months are $5.00; Under 6 months is free; Adults and children over the age of 10 have a 1-drink minimum or $3 admission. However, also unlike the other spaces, this cafe is more of a “play space with a cafe” as opposed to a “cafe with a play space”.

Reader RecommendationCommunity Grounds | Columbia Heights

Thank you to Chris for this suggestion. With its mission to be a welcoming gathering space, Community Grounds has a large play space for children. They are currently only open on Thursdays from 9am-2pm and Fridays from 5pm-8pm.

More indoor play suggestions

Need to get out of the elements for the day? Try one of these activities:

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Find hundreds more things to do in Minneapolis & St Paul with kids!

I hope these suggestions for Twin Cities coffee shops can help make a dent in your winter. My little sidekick and I thoroughly enjoyed our research and would love to hear about where YOU meet up for coffee, conversation and a little playtime.


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