Twin Cities Cheap Flicks: $2 Movies at Riverview Theater + More Discounts

TwinCities Cheap Flicks

A list of cheap movie theaters in the Twin Cities.

As a family of six we have attended one — count it, one — movie together in an actual movie theater. After factoring in even matinee ticket prices, a jumbo tub of popcorn and a box of Milk Duds, it’s just too tough to justify the splurge when we can cozy up at home with Netflix and a couple bags of microwaved ‘corn.

I am not immune, however, to the somewhat throwback charm of the big screens. I spent half of high school selling tickets and popping corn at a second-run cineplex and loved (almost) every minute of it. So between the nostalgia and the obvious need for a bargain, when our family members head out to the movies, we look no further than the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. You can’t beat the ticket prices ($2.50 for matinees, kids 11 & under and all ages Tuesdays and only a buck more for adult evening tickets – cash only) or the fresh popcorn with real butter! The prices for treat deals will make a large family cry tears of joy, as well. Plus, the ambiance — 50’s era living room decor and an enormous screening room with comfy stadium seating — is half the fun.

Note: Following their re-opening in 2021, the Riverview was not able to continue with their second-run-movie model because of changes in distribution and streaming.  Prices are currently $5 for matinees, kids and seniors and $7 for adult evening tickets. The theater hopes to return to second run films and lower prices as things return to normal.

Riverview Theater - One of our favorite cheap movie theaters

Other Twin Cities Movie Theaters with Cheap Flicks

Here are some other cheap movie theaters around town where you might catch a bargain or otherwise more kid-friendly flick with your young ones:

Have any to add to the list of discount theaters? Do any dollar theaters still exist? Drop us a line and let us know!

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Prices last verified 08/16/2019



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