Best Twin Cities Escape Rooms for Kids

Best Twin Cities Escape Rooms for Kids

Escape rooms are popular adult entertainment, but are they family friendly? Which Twin Cities escape rooms can you participate in with kids? How does an escape room work? What age is best? Would this make a good birthday party? We’ve got that information below.

What Is an Escape Room and How Does It Work?

Escape rooms are interactive, themed adventure puzzles. They usually last about an hour. Each room holds a small group of people (8 to 10). You can book a room with friends or take your chances with strangers. Participants work together to find clues to solve a mission and escape the room. Different venues offer their own variation on this basic theme.

What Age is Best for Escape Room Family Fun?

As a general rule, Escape Rooms are puzzles built for adults. Under the circumstances, this outing is probably best for a parent/teen combination. If you want to bring younger kids, expect to have to help them along, especially if they can’t read. Some venues require you to buy out the room if you are bringing younger kids. Look for kid-friendly escape rooms at your local parks and libraries.

Escape Game Birthday Parties

Some of the venues below offer birthday party packages. Others are accommodating to birthdays or would just work well for a group outing. Hint: If you are thinking about hosting a birthday party and the venue doesn’t specifically offer them, check out whether they host corporate groups. They may be able to accommodate a group of older kids or even sports teams with the same offerings.

How Much do Escape Rooms Cost?

Escape Rooms generally cost between $30.00 and $40.00 per person. With some outliers on the high or low side of that. For a FREE Escape Room, check your local libraries.

Which Twin Cities Escape Rooms Allow Kids?

Breakout | Minnetonka

Address: 12369 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305
Phone: 952-300-6230
Visiting With Kids: Open to all ages, but under 14 must be chaperoned and minors require parental permission.
Tickets: $20.99-$35.99/pp.
Birthdays: Let them know its a birthday party when you book and they’ll help make it special.
Escape Room Games at Home: Join Dispatch and get monthly mystery boxes delivered to your home.

The Escape Game | Mall of America

Address: 300 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425
Phone: 952-856-3374
Visiting With Kids: Games are recommended for older kids ages 13+ as some game content may be too difficult for younger kids. However, younger children are allowed. Children 14 and under require a chaperone and all minors require a waiver signed by an adult. Note: Children age 4 can accompany their parents free of charge, but you need to call ahead so the venue can reserve the space for the child. See Gianna’s review in our Mall of America guide.
Tickets: $35.99-$39.99/pp.
Birthday Parties: The venue does not offer special birthday parties, but each game is created for 8 people, so a birthday child, six friends and an adult chaperone could fill a game.
Escape Room Games at Home: Book an online game for 4 to 150 players and compete in teams of 8-10 players. Expect games to last one hour. $28/pp.

Escape MSP | Minneapolis

Address: 701 Decatur Ave, Suite 104, Minneapolis, MN 55427
Phone: 612-424-3845
Visiting With Kids: This venue does not allow children under age 10. Some missions are harder and, therefore, recommended for 17+. However, parents can make that call. Chaperones are required for ages 15 and under. Minors require waiver signed by parents.
Tickets. $23.99-$35.99/pp.
Birthday Parties: Parties can be booked for 2-26 guests with missions tailored to group size.
Escape Room Games at Home: Book an online game for 4 to 150 players and compete in teams of 8-10 players. Expect games to last one hour. $28/pp.

Escape The Room | Downtown Minneapolis

Address: 923 Nicollet Mall #375, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 612-666-0077
Visiting With Kids: This escape room was created for adults, but children can come under certain circumstances. Parents need to chaperone any child under age 14 and buy out the room if children under 10 want to play.
Tickets: $40+
Birthday Parties: Upon request, the venue will hide presents or birthday decorations that you provide.
Escape Room Games at Home: Book Cartman’s Virtual Escape Room, a South Park-themed online game.

Escapology | Burnsville

Address: Burnsville Center, 1060 Burnsville Center, Burnsville, MN 55306
Phone: 952-892-0074
Visiting With Kids: Games are family friendly and appropriate for kids of all ages, but the ability to read is helpful. Children under the age of 11 require an adult chaperone in the game. Teens between 11 and and 15 can play alone, but parents must stay in the mall. Kids ages 5 and under are FREE.
Tickets: $30/pp
Birthday Party Package: Accommodate 12-30 players and start at $445.

Hidden MN | Roseville

Address: 1975 Oakcrest Ave., Suite 1, Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 651-478-4112
Visiting With Kids: Games are designed for ages 10 and up. Children under 14 require an adult chaperone and all minors require a parental waiver. Contact the venue to book a private game if you are bringing children under 10.
Tickets: $27.50.
Birthday Party Ideas: All bookings are private and can accommodate up to 10 people. Teens could also book an hour of Axe Throwing.
Escape Room Games at Home: Rent a puzzle box to play at home for $50. Or or purchase postcard puzzles from the online store.

Labyrinth Puzzle Rooms | Lakeville

Address: 20730 Holyoke Ave Suite 150, Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: 612-666-0980
Visiting With Kids:  Recommended for ages 10+. Kids under 15 require an adult chaperone and signed waiver. Teens 15+ only need the waiver.
Tickets: $35/pp
Birthday Parties: All rooms are private. ​The venue requires that 2 paying adults participate in any birthday parties for kids 12 and under.

Lock & Key | South Minneapolis

Address: 10 Southdale Center, Edina, MN 55435
Phone: 612-643-0539
Visiting With Kids:  Minors require a signed parental waiver. Teens 13-15 require 1 adult chaperone for every 3 kids or you can book the entire room. Special arrangements need to be made for kids under 12.
Tickets: $27-$35/pp
Birthday Party Ideas: Book out the whole room (8 tickets) for a private party. They also offer mobile escape rooms, starting at $399.

Missing Pieces | Edina

Address: 5233 Edina Industrial Blvd., Edina, MN 55439
Phone: 952-658-8974
Visiting With Kids: Parents must accompany kids 10-15 years old. Children under 10 can attend with their families in private game. All minors require a signed parental consent form.
Tickets: $27.50

Mission Manor | Northeast Minneapolis

Address: 861 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone: 612-354-3088
Visiting With Kids: All ages allowed, but recommended for 14+, and those under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Minors require a parental waiver.
Tickets. $30.00
Birthday Parties: Contact the facility and they will work with you to accommodate your birthday group.

Puzzle Works | St Paul

Address: 755 Prior Avenue North, Suite 007A, Saint Paul, MN 55114
Phone: 651-756-8104
Visiting With Kids: These games are designed for adults, but kids 10 and over can participate with an adult chaperone. Minors require a parental consent form.
Tickets. $122/4 people
Birthday Parties: Contact the venue to book a party.

Tactical Escape 101 | Maplewood Mall

Address: 3001 White Bear Ave N: Unit 2030, Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 612-367-7413
Visiting With Kids: While created for adults, children 9 to 15 are welcome with an adult chaperone. Recommended minimum age is 9.
Tickets. $100/2-4 Players; $25 additional players.
Birthday Parties: Not recommended for kids under 13. All rooms are private, so families with older kids can book a room for a birthday party and pay per guest.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms | Saint Paul & North Loop

Trapped St. Paul: 561 Snelling Ave S., St. Paul, MN 55116; 651-760-3495
Trapped Minneapolis: 708 N. 1st St., Minneapolis, MN 55401; 612-208-0128
Visiting With Kids: Trapped are our favorite escape rooms for families. The venue makes puzzles specifically for children, and also, most the adult puzzles are designed so that kids can still contribute. For adult puzzle rooms, kids 12 and under require an adult companion. All minors need waivers signed by their parents/guardians.
Tickets: $25.99-$34.99/pp
Birthday Parties: Rooms are private and can be booked for groups of any size. The at-home options look like they would make fun birthday themes as well.
Escape Room Games at Home: Rent a box or Order a Trapped Takeout (with a pizza, confectionary countdown, Spielburger, or taco twosday theme). They also offer remote avatar experiences.

Zero Hour | Plymouth

Address: 12800 Industrial Park Blvd #130, Plymouth, MN 55441
Phone:  763-270-0653
Visiting With Kids: Must be 8 or older to play and must be accompanied by an adult if 14 or under. Kids under the age 8 can attend with their parents for free.
Tickets: $31.99
Birthday Parties: Birthday parties encouraged.

Virtual Reality, Anyone?

More fun with your Tween and Teen. You can try a virtual game at Sandbox VR.  Learn more about it here.  The Twin Cities is home to two locations, Roseville and Eden Prairie.

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  1. Trapped Puzzle Rooms in St. Paul has a perfect game for kids. We took the grandkids, ages 9 through 13. They were totally into it. So good to see them engage!

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    1. Thanks, Escaping Guru! I love that someone who is an expert like you and owns their own escape room would find my little article informative. Do you plan to visit the Twin Cities and do a tour of our escape rooms? I’d love to hear your opinions on each of them. However, I would advise waiting a few months as, like yours, most of the Twin Cities escape rooms are currently closed. 🙁

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