Rainy Day Guide for Family Fun
The Unexpected Homeschooler: How To Do School At Home
Parenting Through Crisis Survival Guide

Rainy Day Guide for Family Fun

A rainy day conjures up an image of a warm drink and a conversation with a friend, a good book in front of the fire.  A lazy day inside catching up on all your shows. 

Unless you are a parent. 

Rainy days are not necessarily romantic, peaceful or perfect.
They can be dreadful, fear-inducing and to put it simply–hated.  I don’t think I even need to explain why. (But I will)

Uncivilized crazies bounce off the walls, tedious groans of boredom echo through the house.  Whiny pleas for “more screen tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmme!”  Read More

The Unexpected Homeschooler: How To Do School At Home

Suddenly, we are all homeschooling?  Who would have pictured this just a month or two ago? But with temporary school closures in place meant to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Minnesota families are facing big changes and challenges. As an Unexpected Homeschooler, we have so many questions and so few answers. Teachers and other educators have been tasked with very quickly building online platforms for students to continue learning from home. Working parents are scrambling to figure out child care and how best to support scholars who are suddenly doing school at home. Kids may be mourning the loss of activities at school and be missing their social network. It’s a stressful, uncertain, overwhelming, isolating, historic time. One thing we can all agree on: the education of our kids will not be cancelled! Read More

Parenting Through Crisis Survival Guide

Parenting is tough. Even in the best of times. Parenting through Crisis is tougher.

We’ve collected some resources to help you get a grasp on how you can help your kids and yourselves during this stressful, overwhelming and isolating time.

Here are some practical ways to help our kids during our current crisis. Get your FAQs about COVID-19 answered, learn about local cancellations and closings and find resources for talking with our kids about the pandemic.

coronavirus Read More

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