Best Twin Cities Baby Outings

Twin Cities Baby Outings
Everyone has their own schedule when they are ready to start getting out with baby. Some find staying home with baby cozy and relaxing for a time, while others need to get out right away. Once you are ready, we have a few ideas for great baby outings with the added bonus of some developmental benefits for baby.

Free Twin Cities Baby Outings

The MIA is my favorite place to visit with baby. There is a quiet room for nursing just off the block room and there is also a family restroom right there, so you can do a quick change when necessary. The galleries are roomy making it easy to navigate a stroller, although this would also be a great outing for a kangaroo carrier.

Developmental Benefits: Visit the modern section with its bright colors, large shapes and high contrasts to stimulate babies growing brain and eye coordination. Learn more about visual stimulation for newborns from Dr. Sears.

Midtown Global Market

If it is nice out, you could trade this idea for a farmers market where you can also take advantage of the fresh air, but you can visit MGM even during the coldest Minnesota months. Get the open-market feel indoors. Visit for Wee Wednesdays and you can get a little entertainment while you are there.

Developmental Benefits: Get up and dance to the live music with your baby. According to What to Expect, active participation in music aids in brain development.

Baby Storytime at the Library

All of the local library systems offer some sort of baby storytimes. These developmentally targeted story hours are also a great way to mingle with other parents of babies. Parents can learn fun new ways to interact with their baby.

Developmental Benefits: It’s never too early to instill a love of reading. Read more about the importance of baby storytime here.

Como Conservatory

If you are up to it, you can head out to the zoo for a short time, too. But the warm and soothing atmosphere of the conservatory feels like an ideal outing for baby. Besides the varied colors and patterns of the flowers, there are a variety of scents for babies to take in.

Developmental Benefits: Go in the early afternoon and the extra light exposure may help baby develop better sleep habits (Read the 2004 study here).

The Closest Park

In the early days, this can just be a stroller walk through the park, but once your baby can support itself sitting, you can use the baby swings, too.

Developmental Benefits: Like the conservatory early afternoon light exposure may help baby develop better sleep habits. Maybe you’ll find, like the Finnish, that your baby benefits from outdoor naps while you get a little exercise pushing the stroller.

Paid Twin Cities Baby Outings

Sea Life Minnesota

Normally, I would recommend the Minnesota Zoo over Sea Life since you get more for less, but when its just mom and baby this is less of a benefit. The price equals out when factoring in parking and the smaller, more contained space is a bit easier to navigate with baby. Sea Life is just inside the doors from the East Parking lot. If you want a break, pop into Barnes & Noble right around the corner. One of the two MOA public nursing rooms (East Mother’s Room) is right across the hall from Sea Life. (Since publishing this, Rosedale Center has opened a SeaQuest, offering an aquarium option for north metro families.)

Developmental Benefits: Baby can follow the motion of the brighter-colored, slow moving fish to facilitate eye control.

ECFE Classes 

Non-separating baby classes are taught by licensed Parent Educators.Each class includes music, play, reading activities and parent discussions.

Developmental Benefits: These classes are specifically geared toward age-appropriate developmental growth.

Minnesota Children’s Museum

The museum has a baby and toddler space called, Sprouts, where you can also find private nursing space and family restrooms.

Developmental Benefits: The Children’s Museum is all about learning through play, visit the Sprouts page for details on baby and toddler skill development from this exhibit.

A Few Other Baby Outing Ideas

Malls – I see the mall suggested as a good first outing. I may be biased since I’m not much of a mall person, but I find them overstimulating even for myself. It seems like it would too much for a baby to take in. My second problem is that my kids picked up Hand-Foot-Mouth disease at a mall play area. While I’m far from a germophobe, that was enough to put me off of mall play areas after that experience.  

Restaurants and Coffee Shops – If your goal is to just get out of the house, then these are good destinations. Anne has gathered a list of kid-friendly coffee shops here. We’ve also gathered a list of baby-friendly restaurants here. However, I see these as more of a way to get mom or dad out of the house with baby than a particular outing for baby. 

Inter-Generational Fun – Either visit the grandparents or visit one of the handful of Inter-Generational Events at local nursing homes.

Mommy & Me Exercise Classes – Any of these classes would be a fun way to bond with baby if you are ready for exercise. I am so envious of moms who are able to jump back in. I plan for two years of exhaustion with every pregnancy — one during, one after. If you are not ready to exercise, trust me when I say the baby years pass fast even when you stretch them out over multiple kids. There will be time to get back into shape when you are not as exhausted.

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