Easter Egg Hunts & Activities in the Twin Cities – 2021


Grab your baskets and get ready for the hunt! Easter is Sunday, April 4th  in 2021.  We are setting up and hoping for a better year of egg hunts this year than last.  Already by November, we have tentative dates coming in. We’ll update as we go this winter.  See page 2 for previous year’s events if you want to try to pre-plan.

If you know of an event — free or paid — that you’d like to see added, please drop us a line via our contact form and we will share with the community. Thanks! And check back often, as we will we be adding egg hunts to this list until Easter is upon us. 

Use our quick links to find Easter egg hunts or events in your area of the Twin Cities


Check back in 2021.


Check back in 2021.


Check back in 2021.


April 3, 2021: St. Louis Park Lions Club Egg Hunt | ROC
Ages 3-8 can hunt for candy and special eggs in separate age categories. 10am, $4/child. Save the date! This event is tentatively scheduled. More details to come by March.


Check back in 2021.

Egg Hunts in Parks

DIY Egg Hunts: Tips for the best egg hunt ever!

I feel like we’ve been spoiled living in the Twin Cities. We have always had so many options for egg hunts that I haven’t really had to do the work myself. If you are looking for some ideas on where to hide your own Easter eggs, I have found two articles full of clever ideas plus a few of our own. Get creative with color by concocting your own Easter egg dyes or using alternate materials.

Dyeing & decorating Easter eggs

Coloring and decorating your eggs is half the fun. Can’t get out shopping for egg dye kits? Food coloring with vinegar works well. Or, for a fun science experiment, try using natural materials for eye-popping hues:

  • Wrap eggs with yellow or red onion skins, then boil for 30 minutes to make a pretty egg dappled with natural color.
  • Raid your spice cupboard: turmeric makes a gorgeous golden color. Chili powder makes a rusty orange. The site Itsy Bitsy Foodies will share the recipe and more ideas for creating a rainbow of Easter eggs.
  • Need some more ideas? Ridgedale Center has a few egg-dying videos, plus crafts and activities to do at home.

If you blow out the eggs beforehand, they can be keepsakes for years to come. Follow these tips to blow out an egg and make it hollow before dyeing.

Think outside the box (carton?) with alternative materials. The Minneapolis company Simply Jane / ArtAble has really cute wooden eggs that you can order online to paint yourself. They will deliver to your door or have it ready curbside if you prefer to pick up.

Easter Egg Hunts - DIY Eggs

Where to hide your Easter eggs

From experience, I recommend creating a map or a list of hiding places so you know you’ve gotten all the eggs at the end. This is particularly important if you are hiding real eggs indoors.

  • If you want to be fancy, you could give the map to your kids and let them use their map-following skills to find each egg.
  • You could also do it scavenger hunt style with clues to the next egg hidden with each egg – maybe end with an Easter basket full of candy?

Around the net: Mum’s Grapevine offers these 50 hiding spot ideas, sorted by difficulty. The Plumed Nest has 20 Ideas for easter egg hunts that go beyond the basic.

The best custom Easter baskets

Help support local small businesses during this tough season by ordering your own custom Easter baskets.

  • GoodThings (White Bear Lake): Choose a colorful basket and stuff it with goodies. They’ll ship or deliver right to the trunk of your car.
  • Soderberg’s Floral & Gift (Minneapolis): Offers treat-and-trinket filled baskets for kids & adults.

*Amazon links are affiliate links and Family Fun Twin Cities receives a small commission on sales.

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    1. You are so right, Leo! Egg hunts would aid in cognitive development of children in the same way scavenger hunts do. But also they are just fun and usually come with candy.

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  6. Kristine Miller

    Is there anywhere that does adult easter egg hunts? My mother passed away on March 16th this year and she wanted to do an easter egg hunt for adults since in Missouri that past 2 years she participated. Our family would love to continue on this tradition, just wondering if Minnesota has one??

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