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Children's Library Corner

annwahlstromFamily Fun Twin Cities’ Local Children’s Librarian, Ann, is back to bring a bit of hope during this season with spring books.

We may be just days away from the official start to spring, but it sure doesn’t feel like it here in Minnesota!

I was at a local home improvement store the other day and sat in the garden section for longer than I’d like to admit, taking in the lovely scents of fertilizer and weed killer, and thinking thoughts of warmer weather. (She really was there–enjoying those odors. Ann is not exaggerating the truth at all). We’ll get there eventually (we have to, right?!), but until the piles of snow are gone and we see some yellow bits of grass peeking out, here are some great books to read to your kids about Spring!

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Spring Books – Mud

First, how can you think about Spring without thinking of mud? The book Mud to be exact, by Mary Lyn Ray and illustrated by the Twins Cities’ own Lauren Stringer. This book celebrates the change of winter’s cold ice into spring’s gloppy mess and kids will love to see the main character revel in the goopy, gloppy mess. Just keep in mind that your kids may remember this book as the puddles emerge, so beware, and please don’t blame us for any muddy footprints you might find!

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Spring Books – March

Another spring treasure is In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb by Marion Dane Bauer, an additional Minnesota author who understands the longing for warmer weather. The month of March, personified at first by a lion, prances through the main character’s home leaving a trail of snow and ice in his wake. But soon, the rhythmic text brings forth March as the gentle lamb, who emerges as a little ball of fluff, leaving a trail flowers, sunshine, and green shoots in her wake. We can only hope this March will take a cue from Bauer’s lovely book and leave us enjoying the gentle sun of a warm spring day!

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Spring Books – Gossie

Last, we have Gossie by Oliver Dunrea. Not so much a book about the change in seasons, but how can a person think about warmer weather and not think about adorable baby animals? Gossie, our small protagonist, is a gosling who wears her red boots all day, every day. She is horrified when one day she finds they are missing from the barnyard, and stops at nothing to find them. Sure, it’s a simple story, but the illustrations are lovely and extremely appealing to kids, especially those who have a favorite item they can’t do without.

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Happy Spring Reading to All!

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