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Miranda Paul, Children’s Book Author

Wisconsin, USA

Miranda Paul is not technically local. In fact, I've been disappointed in how infrequently she visits the Twin Cities. She lives in Wisconsin, where she grew up. However, we discovered her at Red Wing's Children's Book Festival and she quickly became one of my favorite children's book authors. She has a gift for taking a dry subject and making it, not only interesting, but poetic. Some of her books are co-authored with her husband, Baptiste.

Author Miranda Paul Press Photo
Miranda Paul

Most Recent Release

Paul's latest book, Speak Up released July 7, 2020. This timely book encourages kids to speak up, unite with others, and take action when they see something that needs to be fixed.

Fun Teaching Resources to go with Speak Up:

SPEAK UP Activity Kit. Grades PreK-3.

Using My Voice To Make Things Better: A Resource Guide and Lesson Plan About the First Amendment. Grades 1-5.

Coming Books:

My Favorite Books by Miranda Paul

The following three books are some of my favorites by Miranda Paul,  Extend the fun with activities to go with these books on the author's website.

Little Libraries, Big Heroes.

Another of Miranda Paul's more recent books is Little Libraries, Big Heroes. You wouldn't expect a book about the origins of the Little Free Libraries to make you cry, but it did. I'd love to buy this book for all the big heroes in my neighborhood who maintain our the little free libraries on my walk routes.

Little Libraries Big Heroes by Miranda Paul

Nine Months Until A Baby Is Born

This lovely book is perfect for the big brother or sister. In her usual poetic style, Miranda Paul links an unborn sibling's development with the changes happening for the family during each of the nine months of development. This would be a great sibling gift at a baby shower for a new parent.

Nine Months by Miranda Paul

Water is Water

This is the book that first introduced us to Miranda Paul. We won it in a drawing. At first, we were disappointed it wasn't one of the authors we already knew, but after reading it, we loved it. Follow water through all of its forms in this beautifully written book.

Cover of Water is Water by Miranda Paul

More Books by Miranda Paul:

Check out more books on her Amazon Author Page.

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