8 Paper Plate Spring Crafts

Paper Plate Spring Crafts by Non-Toy Gifts

Stef is a Minnesota mom who loves traveling, gardening and spending time with her family and friends. She’s lucky to have the coolest job ever! As a kid craft designer, she comes up with a lot of craft ideas for kids.  See them all on her blog: Non-Toy Gifts.

8 Paper Plate Spring Crafts

Let’s paint, cut, glue and welcome spring with 8 amazing paper plate spring crafts for kids.

Spring is my favorite season. We have to wait for it quite a lot, here in Minnesota and this certainly helps us appreciate it more. But spring has been my favorite even before moving to the States. I just love seeing nature coming back to life: new grass, budding green leaves, flowers, butterflies – they all make me so happy! Today we are going to celebrate the beginning of spring with a few adorable crafts for kids. All these crafts have one thing in common, besides being spring crafts. They are made with paper plates.

I know that everybody looks forward to the warm days when we can finally take our kids outside to parks and enjoy the Twin Cities spring events and activities. Unfortunately there are still days when we’ll be stuck inside because of gloomy, rainy days or even light snow. (ugh!) These easy spring crafts will help you go through those days. Come back to this collection whenever you need to keep your little one busy or spend some quality time together creating a fun memory.

Paper plate spring crafts for kids

8 Paper Plate Spring Crafts

Paper plate bunny craft

What kid doesn’t love bunnies? This craft uses such a simple painting technique but with a big dramatic effect. All you need is a paper plate, contact paper, paint and a pom pom.

Paper plate bee craft

Have your tried painting with a pom pom before? It is so much fun! You can add wings to your bee or leave it without as we did. I wanted to keep this craft as simple as possible as my youngest was a toddler when we made the bees.

Paper plate ladybug craft

My kids are fascinated with ladybugs. Whenever they  find one and can catch it, they place it in a jar for a bug study.

Paper plate flower craft

With this craft I followed my son’s lead who came up with the idea of slicing the paper plate and gluing the pieces together into a flower.

8 Paper Plate Spring Crafts

Paper plate carrots in the garden craft

You can use this craft as an opportunity to talk to your kid about where veggies come from, plant parts, what plants need to grow or any other garden related subject.

Paper plate flower garden craft

A craft that combines paper plates and yarn for a first sewing experience. Kids will get to use a plastic needle and sew the grass onto the paper plate.

Paper plate rainbow craft

Who can resist this colorful, cheerful rainbow craft? We have it hung by the fireplace as a spring decoration. Free template available.

Paper plate rain cloud craft

If these last two crafts look similar is because we used the rainbow craft as an inspiration for our rain craft. I still can’t decide which one is my favorite.

Thank you to Non-Toy Gifts for all these great ideas! Follow any of the links to find directions. Follow Stef on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for more easy kid paper plate crafts and other craft ideas.

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