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Laura Purdie Salas is a prolific local author who writes primarily for kids and teachers. If you like learning activities to go with books, check out her website to download material. Follow her Facebook page for reading suggestions (not just her own books) and inspirational nature photos.

Laura Purdie Salas Reads If You Were The Moon
If You Were The Moon Launch Party at The Wishing Tree Cafe

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Books by Laura Purdie Salas:

  • If You Were the Moon
  • A Rock Can Be…
  • Water Can Be…
  • A Leaf Can Be…
  • BookSpeak! Poems About Books
  • The Putrid Poetic Ponderings of Louis J. Pasternak, AKA Dr. Skullstench
  • What’s Inside? Poems to Explore the Park
  • A Need to Feed: Poems of Predators and Prey
  • Wacky, Wild, and Wonderful: 50 State Poems
  • Fairy Tale Garage Sale, Poems of After Ever After

  • Riddle-ku: Haiku for Very Close Reading
  • Why-ku: Poems of Wonder About the World
  • A Fuzzy-Fast Blur: Poems about Pets
  • Lettuce Introduce You: Poems about Food
  • Chatter, Sing, Roar, Buzz: Poems About the Rain Forest
  • Always Got My Feet: Poems about Transportaion
  • Shrinking Days, Frosty Nights: Poems About Fall
  • Seed Sower, Hat Thrower: Poems About Weather
  • Tiny Dreams, Sprouting Tall: Poems about the United States
  • And Then There Were Eight: Poems about Space
  • Flashy, Clashy, and Oh-So Splashy: Poems about Color
  • Do Buses Eat Kids? Poems about School
  • Stampede! Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of School
  • Write Your Own Poetry
  • Picture Yourself Writing Poetry: Using Photos to Inspire Writing
  • Catch Your Breath: Writing Poignant Poetry
  • Picture Books: The Write Way
  • Rhyming Picture Books: The Write Way
  • A Is for Arrr!: A Pirate Alphabet
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Y is for Yak by Laura Purdie Salas

  • J Is for Jingle Bells: A Christmas Alphabet
  • Y Is for Yowl!: A Scary Alphabet
  • P Is for Pom Pom!: A Cheerleading Alphabet
  • S Is for Score!: A Sports Alphabet
  • Z Is for Zoom!: A Race Car Alphabet
  • C Is for Cake!: A Birthday Alphabet
  • Colors of Weather
  • Colors of the Ocean
  • Colors of Sports
  • Colors of Insects
  • Colors of Fall
  • Are You Living?: A Song About Living and Nonliving Things
  • Home on the Earth: A Song About Earth’s Layers
  • Many Creatures: A Song About Animal Classifications
  • Move It! Work It!: A Song About Simple Machines
  • I’m Exploring with My Senses: A Song About the Five Senses
  • There Goes the Water: A Song About the Water Cycle
  • From Beginning to End: A Song About Life Cycles
  • Eight Great Planets!: A Song About the Planets
  • Amphibians: Water-to-Land Animals
  • Reptiles: Scaly-Skinned Animals
  • Mammals: Hairy, Milk-Making Animals
  • Do Turtles Sleep in Treetops?: A Book About Animal Homes
  • Does an Elephant Fit in Your Hand?: A Book About Animal Sizes
  • Do Pelicans Sip Nectar?: A Book About How Animals Eat
  • Do Crocodiles Dance?: A Book About Animal Habits
  • Do Lobsters Leap Waterfalls?: A Book About Animal Migration
  • Do Polar Bears Snooze in Hollow Trees?: A Book About Animal Hibernation
  • Stanley Shadow, Part-time Private Eye
  • Grasslands: Fields of Green and Gold
  • Tundras: Frosty, Treeless Lands
  • Deserts: Thirsty Wonderlands
  • Wetlands: Soggy Habitat
  • Oceans: Underwater Worlds
  • Coral Reefs: Colorful Underwater Habitats
  • Temperate Deciduous Forests: Lands of Falling Leaves
  • Rain Forests: Gardens of Green
  • Whose Shoes Are These? A Look at Workers’ Footwear – Slippers, Sneakers, and Boots
  • Whose Gloves Are These? A Look at Gloves Workers Wear – Leather, Cloth, and Rubber
  • Whose Coat Is This? A Look at How Workers Cover Up – Jackets, Smocks, and Robes
  • Discovering Nature’s Laws: A Story About Isaac Newton
  • The Trail of Tears, 1838
  • The Wilderness Road, 1775
  • Snowmobiling
  • Canoeing
  • Saltwater Fishing
  • Ice Fishing
  • China
  • Germany
  • Charles Drew: Pioneer in Medicine
  • Phillis Wheatley: Colonial American Poet

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