November in the Twin Cities

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Welcome to the month of November in the Twin Cities! We’re keeping a close eye on early holiday events around town in our November Family Guide and have suggestions on how to spend Thanksgiving Break with the kids. We know this holiday season will look different than most, but as always, hope to be an inspiration in planning your family time together. For more ideas hop over to our Family Fun Calendar.

Things to do this weekend in the Twin Cities!

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4 thoughts on “November in the Twin Cities”

  1. Just moved here from 6 1/2 hours north by the Canadian border with my hubby and four kids, aged 15,13,12 and 8. We are always looking for adventure! We are a but north of the cities in Scandia, and have llamas, alpacas, bunnies, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, and a hedgehog named Daisy! I enjoy taking the kids on day trips that teach them and they can grow closer as siblings and closer to friends. I am looking for friends I can hang our with now and then, too ! Thanks for your site!

    1. Thank you for reading our site! We’re kind of amateurs compared to you. We’ve only just started the double-digit parenting this year. We’d love to hear what works with the teens and what doesn’t. We are all sort of dreading that day when our oldest children no longer want to participate in our adventures.

    1. Yes! Type your name and email address in the box on our home page that says, “Get access to our
      Super Secret Family Fun Resource Library”

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