Discover the Magical World of Mermaids at Sea Life

Mermaid Sitting with Little Girl at Sea Life Mall of America

Want to see a mermaid swim with the tropical fish of Rainbow Reef? Know a little someone who would be thrilled to meet and take a “shellfie” photo with a mermaid? We had a chance to do just that when we visited the Magical Mermaids at Sea Life Aquarium in the Mall of America.

Mermaids have returned to Sea Life and are visiting on select dates in June and July.  Besides all the fun of viewing sea creatures while walking through an underwater tunnel, we were able to see a mermaid swimming with tropical fish in Rainbow Reef while hamming for underwater photos, followed by a meet and greet with a friendly mermaid on dry land.

Mermaid and girl posing for camera at Sea Life Minnesota
The Mermaid Aquarium at Sea Life

5 Things to Know Before Visiting the Mermaids at Sea Life

  1. Grab a Dive Log Book at the entrance of the tunnels. These are easy to miss but make the visit more interactive. Follow along the map to see where you are and where you will visit next. Stop at the seven stations during the tour to stamp the log book along the way. Collect all seven stamps to get a reward at the gift shop.
    Dive Log Book at Sea Life, Mall of America
    Grab a Dive Log Book at the entrance
  2. Take Your Time. You will get to the mermaids toward the end of your tour. Take your time and enjoy all the areas of the underwater tunnel along the way. You don’t want to rush through the sharks, sea turtles, and sea rays in your hurry to see the mermaids. Interactive stations, interpretive signs and scannable QR codes can make each stop along the route a little more interesting.

    Families viewing the Manta Ray at Sea Life in the Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota
    Manta Ray
  3. Want Good Photos of the Underwater Mermaid? Take a LOT of photos. I wish I had taken more. I had to do a lot of editing to get a decent photo for this article. Try with and without a flash.
  4. Prepare Shy Kids for the Meet & Greet. The mermaid is very friendly and welcoming. She will take the time to talk to your kids and draw them out. If you have a particularly shy child who is a little worried, watch the screen as you wait in line. It shares fun tidbits, mermaid jokes and ocean facts. If you read them out loud to your child while you wait for your visit, they might find something interesting to share with the mermaid or to ask more questions during their visit.
  5. Have a Gift Shop Plan. You have to walk through the gift shop to get out. Knowing this ahead of time will make it easier to share your expectations up front with your kids. Most items in the gift shop were affordably priced, but there are a great deal of things that a small child will want. Know that there are $1 mini collector figures near the check out – tiny sharks, dolphins, fish, etc. Also, be aware that the gift shop does not take cash. If your child plans to spend their allowance, you’ll need to pay with a card and collect from them later.
  6. Choose your visit date. Tickets are timed and limited. Book ahead. Because this is a special exhibit, it is not super crowded, even on a Sunday afternoon, but if you want to keep some distance between your group and others, you may want to choose a Monday or Thursday to visit.  Unfortunately, there are no mermaids on Toddler Tuesdays, so you can’t mix these two events.

Magical Mermaids at Sea Life – Here is What You Need to Know

SEA LIFE at Mall of America, One, Mall of America, 120 East Broadway East Side, Level, Bloomington, MN 55425

When are the Mermaids at Sea Life?: The Sea Life Mermaid Experience is offered on Thursdays and Fridays, Sundays and Mondays from 9:30am to 2:30pm from July 14 to August 5.

How Many Mermaids can you expect to see?: The experience includes two mermaids — one diving among the fish of Rainbow Reef and a second at the end of the sea tunnels who will visit with your child and pose for a photo.

How can I see Mermaids a Sea Life?:  Mermaid tickets are special event tickets, timed, and limited in availability for each time slot. Pre-Purchase Tickets here to Reserve Your Visit.

How much is Admission to the Mermaid Event?: $26.99/adult; $23.99/child. For an extra $5 dollars you can receive a digital photo with a green screen mermaid background.

Save Money with a Membership: Membership pays for itself in 2 to 3 visits, depending on whether you purchase the value or premium membership. Reservations are not required for members as Sea Life has spots set aside, but Sea Life recommends that guests of members purchase their special event ticket in advance to guarantee their timed entry. Guests do not receive a discount to this event.

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Family Fun Twin Cities received two tickets from Sea Life to facilitate this review. 

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