Flash Family Fun Idea: Minnesota Zoo Farm Babies

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minnesota zoo farm babies

Springtime means Minnesota Zoo Farm Babies time  whether we’re ready to give them a warm welcome or not! I’m guessing most of the newly-born lambs, calves, piglets and the rest have been spending their time huddled around heat lamps in the barn instead of basking in the sun at the Wells Fargo Family Farm. However, it looks like we’re in for a stretch of sunnier days ahead.

Or, if you’d rather place your bets on better weather later this month, the animals will be greeting guests through April 30th. In addition to getting hands-on with the babies, there are tons of other activities to enjoy out at the Wells Fargo Family Farm area of the zoo. Tram rides from the grain elevator (which, by the way, is a fun attraction in itself!) will run from 11:30am-1:30pm. The other offerings are as follows:

  • Hay maze in the Machine Shed 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Animal Egg Enrichment – Weekends
    • 9:00 Animal Enrichment @ Snow Monkeys
    • 10:00 Animal Enrichment @ Brown Bears
    • 11:00 Animal Enrichment @ Sea Otters
    • 11:00 Meet a Bird Keeper @ Tropics Trail
    • 1:00  Animal Enrichment @ River Otters
    • 2:00 Close Encounters @ End of Tropics Trail
  • University of Minnesota Bee Squad – April 18 & 19 – Learn why we should be more “bee friendly”. Get up close to a live hive and learn more about these important pollinators.
  • MN Pork Growers Oink Booth – April 25 & 26
  • Cow Milkings:  11:00, 1:00 & 3:00

Want to win a year-long family membership to the Minnesota Zoo? Print out the annual Farm Babies coloring contest entry form here and bring it with when you visit. Admission to the Farm Babies exhibit is included with your Minnesota Zoo tickets. You can find current ticket prices and parking rates here.

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