Screen Free Preschool Fun: Entertaining My Youngest While the Others are Off to School.


I don’t know about your family, but my family gets stuck in a rut very easily. We hear a lot of whining for more screen time. Well, maybe not whining so much as debating. By the end of the summer, Dash had learned that if he whined for more screen time, he lost it. Instead, he would build up a case for how we should actually run screen time: what days, how often, and why it was necessary. We were looking forward to kindergarten starting so we didn’t need to hear his testimonies again and again. We had to find some screen free preschool fun!

Now that school has started, I don’t have to listen to his reasoning, but I still have one child at home and it would be easy for me to just turn on the TV and let him watch so that I can get some stuff done.

Instead, we played with cars, went on a run (while Jack rode his bike), visited some friends, played more cars, and set up his train track. He also helped me bake banana bread and played with soapy water in the sink. Currently, he is back in his room with the train.

Being at home alone is not going to get easier, so I will need to have some tricks up my sleeves. One of those tricks is Three Rivers Parks Preschool Programming. Another trick is going to the Y for exercise and playtime. And of course, the library!  A key way to stay home is to use the toys we have and rotate them.  Maybe not everyday but at least a couple times each week.

My Screen Free Preschool Fun Arsenal

Some of the toys in our rotation will be creative and some just fun.

  • Trains
  • LEGOs
  • YOXO (Play from Scratch)
  • Play Dough
  • Puzzles
  • Dress up and Pretend Play

I completely expect to have a helper with me all day long. Helping in the kitchen, helping with the laundry, helping out in the yard. But I think letting him play on his own and encouraging creativity will be something that will help him even more in life!

And don’t get me wrong. I do plan to use the TV. I have a feeling it will be an easy fallback for me. (Just being real, folks)

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1 thought on “Screen Free Preschool Fun: Entertaining My Youngest While the Others are Off to School.”

  1. We’re going through this transition at home, too (only with two most days). We’ve found that we needed to get rid of unused toys so the ones they really love could be easily found and played with. Then we took another batch and put them up high for what we like to call “feed the meter” time. We’ve found that if we proactively pull down special toys for together time, it doesn’t take much to satisfy their need for mom or dad and then we can get back to work.

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