Summer Boredom Busters: Scavenger Hunts

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This isn’t rocket science, but in the midst of the tyranny of summer boredom, Mamas, Daddies, and all other caretakers lose their ever-loving minds and can’t think of a way to solve the boredom problem. This first installment of Summer Boredom Busters can take you through the entire summer if you need it to.

Scavenger Hunts are loved by many people, young and old alike.  As long as you have one of your five senses available to you, scavenger hunts (or treasure hunts) are one of the most useful childcare tools around.  Pull this out in the middle of the summer when everyone is bah-ored or plan one for a family reunion.  Use a scavenger hunt at the Mall of America or in your backyard.  Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong.

Actually, that may be a little incorrect.  There will always be that one kid who wants to cross the unwritten line that everyone knows is there.  He/she won’t publicly recognize it until the line has been crossed.  We know this to be true, so build in any parameters you know are necessary.

Scavenger Hunts Step by Step

  1.  Collect Supplies
    1. Piece of paper
    2. marker, crayon, pencil–any writing utensil you approve of
  2. Decide a Category
    Ideas include: Animals, Plants, Toys, Food, People, Art, Sports, Etc.
  3. Determine the Boundaries
    1. How far can they go?  Do they need to stay in your yard or house?
    2. Who is participating?  Can they include neighbors and/or friends?
    3. What are they playing for?
  4. Let them loose!

I plan on using this activity this summer on our camping trips and at home.  I even plan on using this on our road trip out to the Black Hills.  It honestly can be done anywhere and for zero money.

You can make other variations of this activity.  Use numbers or colors instead of letters.  Add a must-do activity when they have found the next item like 10 jumping jacks.  Use the items they find to build an ultimate creation.  (Use you own definition of ultimate).

Once the creative juices start to flow, have fun.  If the creative juices never get going, stick with what works!

You got this!

Summer Boredom Busted!

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mini golf image saying Summer Boredom Busters


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