Family Fun Twin Cities Birthday Specials

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April is our birthday month, and we are celebrating in all kinds of ways.

Some of our favorite local businesses are offering our Family Fun Twin Cities readers a discount in their store to help us celebrate.  These offers are good only for a limited time, so print out the coupons and take advantage our our to you!

[coupon couponid=”986″ coupon_align=”cctor_alignleft” name=”Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store”]

Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store:  Present this coupon to them for this special offer they are giving only to Family Fun Twin Cities readers!  We love Choo Choo Bob’s!  Best train store in the Twin Cities–hands down!  Go give Bob, Engineer Paul, Casey, Calvin, or Kristin a “Choo Choo!”  for us!  And grab this coupon to take with you!

[coupon couponid=”1502″ coupon_align=”cctor_alignleft” name=”Heartfelt”]

Heartfelt:  I have an awesome idea!  Let’s invade Heartfel with Family Fun Twin Cities readers.  Lisa is fantastic and we would love to pour out as much Family Fun Twin Cities love as we can.  To help you do that, we want to give you this coupon!  Go show your love!  Think you need to only have girls to enjoy Hearfelt.  Think again!  There are crafts boys will love.  They don’t have to make a fairy house, they could make a troll cave or a peg monster.  Plus, Heartfelt carries toys of which  my boys can’t keep their hands off.


Peapods:  We have enjoyed getting to know Dan and Millie from Peapods.  Their store is exciting for children with books and music and toys.  It’s also super fun for moms and dads, too.  The clothing is organic, but whether that matters to you or not, it’s deliciously adorable.  And if you are interested in cloth diapering, this is the best hands-on place to go.

Play from Scratch

A free game:   Instant Superhero  Use the code  familyfuntc to receive this printable game absolutely free!

Create a superhero with a special power and a mission when you download this game.  This is what Play From Scratch says about Instant Superhero:

Instant Superhero is a hilarious and creative card game for ages 6+. Players deal cards to discover their “Instant Superhero” (for example, you are the Amazing Comet) their mission (stop rampaging robots) and their super power (your ultra speed!) Then players roll a cube for a creative challenge (tell your epic story!) If players complete a challenge, they get bonus points. The first player to earn 50 points wins!

  • + Instant Superhero comes with 32 cards, cube + instructions (to be printed + assembled)
  • + Great for kids 6+ (requires some reading + math or a helpful adult)
  • + 1 to 6 players



Happy Birthday to Family Fun Twin Cities and we hope you enjoy our gifts to you!

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