65 Fun Outdoor Games To Get Your Family Outside

Kids playing with hula hoops outdoors: "Outdoor Games for Kids"

Do you struggle to get your kids off screens and outside? We do, too. And, that is why we’ve collected ideas for encouraging kids of all ages to have fun outdoors. With a collective 12 kids between the three of us, Anne, Giana and I have personally tried these games and found them to be great fun and developmentally appropriate for our kids.

Outdoor Games for Preschool & Kindergarten

1. Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone?

In this game, the child who is the Doggy turns around while someone steals his “bone”. The bone can be any object, but with smaller kids using a toy bone (like a dog’s chew toy) might make it easier to understand. When the Doggy turns around, all the children attempt to look guilty while Doggy guesses who stole the bone. With little ones, let them guess until they pick the right person, then it’s the next child’s turn to be doggy. If you are playing with older kids, you can add a limit to guesses.

2. Mother, May I?

In Mother May I, the Mother stands with her back turned and grants or denies requests to move forward. This game works best with kids too young to realize the inherent unfairness of this game. Mother may have her back turned, but she probably knows everyone by voice. Therefore, she really decides who is going to win. If Mother is an adult and the kids are little, it can be a fun family game to practice counting. Another option is to purchase the “Mother May I” Ball to add an element of chance to the game.

3. Sidewalk Picasso

Get some Sidewalk Chalk and let your inner artist take over. Start this activity on your own and pretty soon every kid around will be drawing and you can sneak off to get some housework done. You can find directions for making homemade sidewalk chalk online, but I question if this is actually cheaper than just hitting the dollar store. Besides making art, sidewalk chalk is great for playing games like tic tac toe or hangman outdoors.

4. Digging for Dinosaurs

Bury Toy Dinosaur Bones (or any other small toy) and let your kids dig them out. Tots can use spoons, plastic shovels or their own hands to dig. My kids did this with little cars at a touch-a-truck event once; it was their favorite part of the experience.

5. Scavenger Hunts

Whether you want to do a nature scavenger hunt, a neighborhood landmarks hunt or make DIY clues and treasures, this a great game for a single child or a large group of kids. You can find all sorts of backyard scavenger hunt checklists online. However, making your own has several benefits. 1) You can customize it to your yard; 2) You can get bigger kids involved in the creation; 3) You can customize it to your audience, whether they are preschoolers or high school kids; and 4) You are teaching your kids to create their own outdoor games by example. Gianna shows you how to create your own treasure hunt here.

6. Water Play

Water play is a blast for kids in the summer. You can facilitate this two ways:

  1. Go elaborate with a permanent play table; or
  2. Go cheap with a plastic tub you already own.

Either way, let them benefit from water play without the mess on the bathroom floor! Water games can be modified for all ages – especially if you get some inexpensive balloons or squirt bottles.

7. Gardening

Like with water play, it can be fun to buy a cute Gardening Tool Set so your kids can feel like a grown up gardener.

However, a package of beans and a plot or pot of dirt is all they really need.

Don’t worry if nothing grows in the toddler years; there will be future years for that.

Collage of ways to garden with kids indoor and outside
Find more ideas for starting a garden with kids here.

8. Hula Hoop

Preschool? Really? I’m as surprised as you by this. But my 2-year-old loves to hula hoop and she’s surprisingly good at it. This is a game that can grow with your kids. My tot loves hula hooping with her middle school sister.

9. Bubbles

Need I say more? Whether you buy your bubbles by the gallon or make your own bubbles, you have to do bubbles!

10. Crayon Rubbings

You have probably done this at some point in your life. Peal an old crayon, then take a sheet of paper, set it on a surface with an interesting texture, and rub the crayon over the paper. With various colors and shapes, kids can make their own unique design.

Outdoor Party Games and Fun Games for Groups of Children

11. Octopus

This game of tag involves an Octopus who is IT and fish who need to get from one end of the yard to the other without being tagged. Once tagged, kids have to stay in place and try to tag others as they pass. Ziggity Zoom offers the same basic rules that I remember from my childhood with a little rhyme that we didn’t have in my neighborhood. This game is more fun with more kids. It can be played with older and younger kids, but grade school kids will like it the best.

12. Simon Says

Simon tells the other players what to do using the phrase, “Simon Says”. If he does not use that phrase and a player does what he says, they are out. Last player standing is the next Simon. This can be a hilarious game when played with teens and adults by increasing the speed and difficulty of the commands, but it is a great game to start with preschool and early grade school kids to teach them how to follow directions.

13. Capture the Flag

This classic outdoor strategy game is best for a larger group of kids. Kids divide into two opposing teams and attempt to capture each other’s flags and bring it back to home base without being caught by an opposing team member on the other team’s territory. Any of these outdoor games should be able to be played with items you can find around the house.

14. Ghosts in the Graveyard

This game has a lot of different rule variations. It was a favorite in my neighborhood growing up. Whoever was the ghost would hide while the rest of the children counted from 1 o’clock to midnight. The kids would then link arms and walk around the house chanting “Star light, star bright, hope I see a ghost tonight” until the ghost popped out. At that point, it is a straight game of tag. The ghost has to try to tag someone before they make it back to safety. The first person tagged or the last to safety is the next ghost.

15. Hide-and-Go-Seek or Hide-and-Go-Seek-In-The-Dark

While grade school is the best age for this fun outdoor game, with a little help for parents, the younger ones can join in. We went through a phase in college where we played hide-and-go-seek-in-the-dark every weekend, so there is no top age, either. One person is IT and counts to whatever number the participants agree on, while the others hide. Last one found gets to be IT next. Flashlights are a fun addition when playing in the dark.

16. Kick the Can

Although it is THE classic game, I’ve never played Kick the Can, so forgive me if I summarize the rules incorrectly. You can find full instructions for kick the can here. The person who is IT has to guard a can while those hiding try to run out and kick it. If IT catches a hider, they go to jail. The last person out of jail is the next IT.

17. Michelangelo’s Madhouse

I’ve heard this silly game called by other names. Whoever is Michelangelo takes each of the other players by the hands and spins around with them several times before letting them go. Each player than freezes as they land. This part doesn’t really affect the outcome of the game, so kids can “fall” as silly as they want. After each statue is set, Michelangelo walks through his madhouse trying to get the other players to laugh without touching them. The first to giggle (or if you prefer, the last) is the next Michelangelo.

18. Mother Says

Mother says is a bit like Mother May I. However, instead of each player asking permission to move. Mother will say something like, “Mother Says each child wearing red may take 2 steps toward me”. Or “Mother says each child with brown hair may take two steps back.” Just like with Mother May I, you can still see how Mother can play a biased game for her friends here, but it’s a little fairer than the original game.

19. Races of Every Kind

There are so many ways kids can race from one side of the yard to the other: one legged, three legged, backwards, crab walk, fastest, slowest, middlest? Let your kids take turns calling out the race style.

20. Red Rover

In this game, the children divide into two teams that hold hands and stretch across their side of the play field. Each team can call over a player from the other team, who then tries to find a weak spot break through the line of hand holders. If the player can’t break through they join the other team. This is a game of both skill and strategy.

21. Sardines

Sardines is like backwards Hide-and-Go Seek. When a player is IT, they are the ones to go hide. All the other players search for the IT player.  When a player finds IT, they squeeze into the hiding player with IT until all but one player is squeezed into the hiding spot.

22. Weeping Angels

Okay, this game is really called “Red Light, Green Light”, but Doctor Who fans will see the similarity to everyone’s favorite not-so-scary aliens more than some traffic lights. In this game, kids can only move when the person who is IT has their back turned. If IT is looking, you have to freeze. If IT catches you moving, you have to go back to the start. The first person to touch IT is the winner and the next IT.

Fun Outdoor Boredom Busters for One Child

23. Backyard Ninja Warrior Course or Obstacle Course

If you search for ideas, you’ll find that some designs for these backyard systems can be complicated and outside the building skills of most adults, much less kids. On the other hand, a simple slackline can provide hours of fun or combine the playground, fitness and sports equipment you already own or have access to with the goals of the age-old President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, you could come up with a course kids could build on all year.

Kids playing on a slackline obstacle course

24. Dog Training

Use your Ninja Warrior course to train Fido? Or check out a dog training book from the library. This obviously requires the right child and dog combination and maybe some supervision. You know your kids and dogs best.

25. Reading in the Wild

Reading outside is one of the simplest of solitary pleasures. Summer is a great time to start a new book series or participate in a summer reading program.

26. Sports Drills

This outdoor activity will depend on your child’s current interests, whether that be baseball, volleyball, gymnastics, soccer or any other sport. When my 8-year-old decided she wanted to be a gymnast, she laid a 4×4 board on the lawn and practiced daily all summer. Another year, we found a video we liked at the library with Backyard Baseball Drills. Drills are a good way to improve sports skills in your own backyard when your child is alone. There is no need to be elaborate. Sidewalk chalk or some cord can define starting lines, finish lines, nets and goals.

27. Science Experiments

After a few too many “experiments” that were basically mixture of random pantry items left for me to clean up, I decided to borrow Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family Friendly Experiments from Around the House (by local favorite Liz Heinecke) from the library. The first activity that caught my kids’ attention was one where you drop Mentos into pop. Absolutely one of the outdoor games!

28. Learn to Juggle

A child can learn the basics of juggling in an afternoon and build on that skill all summer. Find instructional videos on YouTube and use old tennis balls, bean bags or buy a juggling kit here.

29. Bird-Watching or Urban Animal Safari

This would be more fun with, but a quiet and perceptive child can watch nature from anywhere. Lie on the lawn and watch the birds and squirrels above. The squirrels in my backyard have a regular bedtime, and if we lie on the porch at that time, we can watch each of them come back to their nest and curl in. It’s amazing to see so many squirrels cuddle into such a small space.

30. Tennis, Anyone?

Our neighborhood park’s tennis courts have a practice wall. A garage door may also make a good practice wall. Either way, one person can play tennis alone against a wall. We pick up used rackets and tennis balls at the thrift store.

31. Hopscotch

Although it can be played with others. Hopscotch is a good game to play by yourself. You don’t have to wait your turn and you can keep practicing until you get things right. Housing a Forest offers 25 different ways to play Hopscotch.

32. Chores

I know this isn’t necessarily a “fun” outdoor game, but it needs to be said. The proper response when a kid tells you they are bored is a chore list – unless you like being their cruise director of life. However, no one says chores need to be all work. Challenge them to a potato peeling contest or offer a trip to the zoo if they help you finish your list. If this works for you, please let me know your techniques.

Backyard Games To Play With A Jump Rope

33. Snake Bite or Helicopter

This game was recommended by my 7-year-old son as Snake Bite and my 11-year-old daughter as Helicopter. One person stands in the center and spins the jump rope around on the ground. The players have to jump the rope as it comes around. If the rope hits you, you are out. The last person standing is the next helicopter (or snake).

34. Water Jumping

This game is a bit like the game above, except the “it” person isn’t trying to get the others out. Instead they spin the rope while each of the others jumps five times with a cup of water. Whoever has the most water at the end of their five jumps wins.

35. Chinese Jump Rope

Here is another activity you can learn on YouTube. The jumps are more complex than simple jump rope, but still something small kids can learn easily enough. You may want to purchase a special Chinese Jump Rope. They look a little stretchier, but you could also do it with a long jump rope tied around the legs of two chairs.

36. Make a Pulley System

My kids love doing this. They tie one end of a jump rope to a basket or bucket and toss the other end over a branch. Then they pull things up and down. There is no point to this game but that is the beauty of imagination. They can spend hours with this game. If you want to be fancy, buy an actual Pulley System and mount it above your sandbox; but I like the impromptu jump rope system better.

37. Tug of War

For Tug of War, you’ll need two or more kids. Teams stand an equal distance from the center line and try to pull the other team across the line. This definitely outdoor game can be dangerous and supervision is advised.

38. Limbo

With three players, kids can play limbo with a taut jump rope or a broom. Each round the rope goes a little lower until the player falls while trying to go under. A variation for bigger kids is to play on skates. Just be careful not to clothesline anyone.

39. Jump Rope Races

If you have the space, jumpers can line up and race at the same time. If not, use a Stopwatch to time jumpers.

40. Double Dutch

Double Dutch is played with two ropes, two rope twirlers who turn the ropes in opposite directions, and one or more rope skippers. Played right, this is a team sport as everyone has to work together for success. Learning to work together rhythmically can be a summer-long pursuit.

41. Jump Rope Tag or Cat and Mouse

This outdoor game is played with four kids: two players and two rope twirlers. The mouse starts the game by jumping into the spinning rope and doing a certain number of jumps. The cat has to follow, doing the same amount of jumps while the mouse runs around the twirlers to re-enter the rope. The cat chases the mouse around. The cat can tag the mouse whenever the mouse is not jumping or when the mouse makes a mistake in the ropes.

Ball Games Best Played Outside

All of the outdoor games for balls can be played with the same simple playground ball and can be played by all family members – tots, teens, and even adults.

42. Dodge Ball

I never liked this game as a kid, but I love playing with my kids. The goal is to hit your opponents with the ball while dodging being hit yourself. If you catch a ball that has been thrown at you, the thrower is out. This is a fast paced game and with common sense rules agreed on (ie: no aiming at the head), it has been pretty safe for us.

43. Kickball

The playground version of baseball is kickball. Instead of hitting the ball with a bat, the player kicks it. Unlike baseball, you can get someone out by beaming them with a ball. Otherwise the rules and the setup is very much the same as baseball.

44. Horse

A playground ball is bouncy, so you could play a regular game of basketball with it, but you can definitely play HORSE (or SPUD if you want the game to go faster). Players take turns trying to make shots. If someone makes a basket, all the other players have to make the same shot form the same spot or get a letter. Whoever gets all the letters in HORSE first, is out. This game can be played serious or silly.

45. Four Square

Four square is played with four kids and a square made out of four smaller squares. However, if you have only two players, we played “two-square” on a half-court. You can find the rules of Four Square here, but this amusing video was a better refresher for me.

46. Piggy in the Middle

The object of the game is for the players to keep the player in the middle from getting the ball. They have to keep tossing it to each other while the player in the middle attempts to catch the ball. Once he catches a ball, the throwing player is in the middle. With younger kids, you could take turns and put a time limit on the time in the middle.

47. Gaga Ball

We recently learned this game when we visited Base Camp. It is meant to be played in a pit, but you can probably adapt it for a defined area. This game is like dodge ball, but played with the ball mostly on the ground. You only get out if you are hit below the knee with the ball. The official rules and directions for Gaga Ball are here.

48. Bowling

While bowling sets are pretty inexpensive, this game can be made with a playground ball and 10 plastic bottles can be used as pins. Use the sidewalk as your bowling alley and the grass as your gutters.

49. Soccer

Soccer or a scaled back version of it can be practiced with a playground ball. Maybe just work on dribbling and stealing and kicking goals.

50. Angry Birds

My kids (and I’m sure countless other kids) created this game based on the phone game. They build a tower – either of blocks or rocks and hide a toy pig behind it. The other kid has to try to knock down the tower with the ball. Learn from my kids and get out of the way after you build your tower — especially if it’s made of rocks.

51. Don’t Drop the Ball

Remember that episode of Friends, The One With The Ball, when they kept a ball in the air for hours? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids did this… for hours… outside? It’s worth a try.

Outdoor Nature Play

52. Chase Fireflies

Who doesn’t love catching or at least chasing fireflies? I know this is harder to do in the city, but look for after dark programs at your favorite nature centers and regional parks. All you really need is a jar for viewing, but you can find all sorts of bug collecting boxes online, including some with magnifiers.

53. Run through the Sprinkler

This may be one of the most classic outdoor games to play. What kid doesn’t love to run through the sprinkler (at least once) on a summer day? Don’t have a sprinkler? Make one by duct-taping a pop bottle to the hose and punching holes in it.

54. Study the Ecosystem Under A Stepping Stone

This is an easy one. Pick up a rock, a log or anything that has sat in one place long enough to kill the grass and see what is living underneath. We’ve found centipedes, millipedes, worms, slugs, roly polies (aka armadillidiidae) and spiders. Rather than making a big deal about this with my bigger kids, I simply lifted a rock while working outside and called them over to see all the cool bugs underneath, but you start with a book about bugs then go out and look.

55. Raise Monarchs from Eggs or Caterpillars

I’m usually all about the do-it-yourself, but after a horrifying experience with a larvae parasite, I would recommend purchasing a monarch kit or harvesting the eggs instead of the caterpillars. If you do decide to go forward with gathering your own, this article from Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle gives valuable information on how to avoid common parasites, diseases and predators.

56. Raise Pollywogs into Frogs or Toads

We once harvested tadpoles from my sister’s pond and raised them into tree frogs. They all escaped into our basement and we never saw any of them again. I recommend setting this experiment up outside. If you can’t find a local source, kits are available for purchase, but do this with caution as you don’t want to release an invasive species into our environment.

57. Climb a Tree

This is an outdoor childhood activity I took for granted. We had a great climbing tree in my front yard and my whole neighborhood was up there sometimes. My kids are in constant search of good climbing trees. Every kid needs to get up in a tree sometimes.

58. Watch Clouds

I think that watching clouds and making up stories about them should be on everyone’s summer outdoor games checklist – kid or grown up.

For kids who want to add some science, keep a Cloudspotting Journal to learn what different types of clouds look like and what they may forecast in the weather. The Minnesota DNR offers this FREE 5-page, full color Young Naturalists study guide in PDF format.

Find more FREE Young Naturalist guides from the Minnesota DNR here. These are a great way to encourage nature play.

59. Roll Down A Hill

Roll down a hill, get dizzy, run back up, and do it again. If you get bored, roll something else, like your ball down the hill or try doing somersaults. Watch the video below for four developmental benefits to rolling on hills.

60. Splash in Mud Puddles

I have a wonderful memory of my kids all going out and playing in the mud after a rainstorm. They looked like swamp creatures, my kitchen and bathtub were destroyed, but they had the best time.

61. Skip Rocks

If you are out near a lake or river (and no one is fishing nearby), skipping rocks is practically a law. Or if you are challenged like me, just throw them in for the big splash. If you have trouble finding your own skipping stones or you want to include your dog in the fun. You can actually buy reusable floating skipping stones. Make sure you are in a safe wading area.

62. Jump in a Pile of Leaves

We just have to include this classic outdoor game, even though there are limited opportunities throughout the year.

Indoor Games to Bring Outdoors

How many family game night ideas can you bring outdoors? Some will be easier than others. While we play fun card games and board games at picnic tables when camping, wind and weather don’t really cooperate. So we don’t really consider most indoor games to be outdoor games. However, here are some that do work outdoors:

63. Giant Board Games

Make your own board game with sidewalk chalk or just use the squares on the sidewalk. Use your imagination and make the game as elaborative or simple as you like. The easiest would be to see who can get around the block first, rolling dice and counting sidewalk squares. You could get as elaborate as a Monopoly style game where you can “buy” your neighbors properties if you land on them and charge rent to players who land later. Think about the best family board games, can they be created outside?

You can purchase giant board games, too. Here are some through our Amazon affiliate program:

  • Yardzee. As the name implies, this is a giant yard version of everyone’s favorite dice game, Yahtzee. The version we link to also includes score cards for playing Farkle. You could re-use these dice in your own dice games, too. 
  • Dominoes. If you do a search, you’ll find giant wooden dominoes. I link to foam dominoes, because they would be fun to take along to a beach.
  • Chutes & Ladders. This game looks like it would be slippery when wet. You decide whether that’s good or bad for your family.
  • Candy Land. This game might be good for a birthday party with little kids – especially if there is real candy involved. Otherwise, it would likely get boring faster than the real game. This would be a good one to design yourself with sidewalk chalk.
  • Four in a Row. I’ve always liked this game best as an outdoor game.
  • Stacking Blocks. Another game that is better bigger!
  • Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe. This could be played with sidewalk chalk.

64. Charades

The quintessential parlor game, plays just as well in the backyard. Make up your own ideas to act out or buy decks of charades card games to generate ideas. 

65. Hot Potato

We list this game on our giant indoor games list, but I believe it was traditionally an outdoor game, played at community gatherings using an actual hot potato.

10 Dollar Store Items to Encourage Outdoor Play

The next time you are visiting a dollar store, look for these items to encourage outdoor fun. (A basket full of these items would make a great family gift):

1.Sidewalk Chalk
2. Jump Ropes
3. Bubbles
4. Frisbees
5. Sandbox Toys
6. Balloons to Fill with Water
7. Hula Hoops
8. Pool Noodles
9. Magnifying Glass
10. Cheap Beach Balls


Want to hang this list on your refrigerator or pack it in your picnic basket? We created a printable PDF of these games. Please use this list for personal use only. Do not distribute it or share it on your own websites without first requesting our permission.

For more details on any of these activities, follow our corresponding Pinterest Board.

There seems to be study after study, advocating outdoor time for kids (and the whole family). Experts suggest a correlation to everything from better overall health and lower anxiety to better eyesight. While we would prefer if our kids spontaneously wanted to play outside, getting outside and enjoying it takes practice. We’ve compiled this list of outdoor games for kids that parents can employ to help encourage independent outdoor play. Some of these you will recognize as your own childhood outdoor games with your neighborhood friends, others are new to this generation. If we missed any of your favorites, leave us a comment and we’ll share with the community.

For more ideas, Check out our Giant Inside Games List and our Ideas for Physical Games for Kids. Many of the games in both of these lists — like Duck, Duck Goose — can be easily converted to outdoor games. The indoor balloon games could be brought outside and turned into water balloons.

Your turn. What were your favorite childhood outdoor games? Leave us a comment.

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    1. Thanks for that opinion, Daniyal. I think our kids are pretty safe in our backyards or social distancing at local parks. I’m tired of pasty white kids who play too many online games.

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    1. I would disagree that children are becoming lazy, but I agree that language games are a fun way to engage kids and parents are responsible for instilling the values they find important.

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    1. Thank you, Kiera.

      We love these games, too. Although, I don’t think it is fair to call an entire generation lazy. My kids have to work much harder in school than I did. We set them up for the lifestyle they lead. We hope these games are part of a bigger transformation of how we, as a society, raise children and what are expectations are for them.

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    1. Cool. It looks like you have your own list of outdoor activities as well. Good luck with the video game detox. We have the same isseus.

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      We have some similar programs here in the Twin Cities. One of our favorites is Lil Kickers. But don’t you think its great just to let them loose in the backyard to play for the joy of it?

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    1. Thanks for checking us out, Janice. What kind of questions were you throwing around? Were you trying to remember games from your childhood? That was my favorite part about gathering this information – remembering playing these games as a kid. If you are still looking for more ideas, we suggest 45+ Fun Physical Activities for Kids of All Ages. We have more ideas there.

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