20 Minneapolis Wading Pools Open July 4, 2020

While most years, the majority of Minneapolis wading pools open Memorial Day Weekend and close after Labor Day, In 2020, Minneapolis Parks & Rec (“MPRB”) has waffled and finally decided to open beaches with lifeguards and open some wading pools where access to other water features is not easily available.

June 30, 2020 Update: Minneapolis Beaches opened June 6th and lifeguards were added shortly after. 20 Minneapolis Wading Pools will open July 4, 2020. See the list below. Water Parks and Webber Natural Pool are still closed for the summer. 

This decision was a reversal of an earlier decision as, MPRB had originally announced on April 2, 2020 that no outdoor aquatic facilities would open this summer. This included the wading pools and water parks, beaches and Webber Natural Pool. In their announcement, MPRB explained:

“The level of public congregation that takes place at aquatic facilities and the level of staff required to operate these facilities will make it impossible to open and manage these facilities safely this summer.” 

About Minneapolis Wading Pools 

The wading pools that dot Minneapolis parks are the perfect place for toddlers and kids who have not yet learned to swim but love to make a good splash. Many of them are no-frills with a standard depth of about 18″ but a few have been updated with fun spray features and zero-depth entry. All are located adjacent to a playground, rest rooms and space to spread out with a picnic.

To check the status of your neighborhood pool and up-to-date closures, please see the Minneapolis Parks pool page. For a full Twin Cities guide to pools and splash pads, see Anne’s article: Cool Off at Twin Cities Area Splash Pads & Wading Pools.

Minneapolis Wading Pools

Wading Pools Opened as of  July 4, 2020:

We have links to our park descriptions for all these parks below.

  • Audubon Park 1320 29th Ave. NE, 55418
  • Bethune Park 1304 N 10th Ave., 55411
  • Bohanon Park 4917 Bryant Ave. N, 55430
  • Bossen Field Park 5701 S 28th Ave., 55417
  • Bryant Square Park 3101 Bryant Ave. S, 55408
  • East Phillips 2399 S 17th Ave., 55404
  • Folwell Park 1615 N Dowling Ave., 55412
  • Harrison Park 503 N Irving Ave. 55405
  • Hiawatha School Park 4305 E 42nd St., 55406
  • Jordan Park 2927 N Irving Ave., 55411
  • Keewaydin Park 3030 E 53rd St. Minneapolis 55417
  • Logan Park 690 13th Ave. NE, 55413
  • Luxton Park 112 Williams Ave. SE, 55413
  • McRae Park 906 E 47th St., 55407
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park 4055 Nicollet Ave. S, 55409
  • Stewart Park 2700 S 12th Ave., 55407
  • Waite Park 1810 34th Ave. NE, 55418
  • Whittier Park 425 W 26th St., 55405

Two additional wading pools to open soon:

  • Franklin Steele Square 1600 Portland Ave. S, 55404
  • North Commons 1801 James Ave. N, 55411
Minneapolis Wading Pools
Waite Park is among the wading pools opening

Minneapolis Wading Pool Locations

Minneapolis Wading Pools NOT adjacent to schools:

The following parks are not adjacent to schools, so they historically open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day, with the option of remaining open if we are experiencing a hotter than usual late summer:

Audubon Park | 1320 29th Ave NE

Beltrami Park | 1111 Summer St NE

Bossen Field Park | 5601 28th Ave S
Playground equipment was replaced in 2017.

Brackett Field Park | 2728 39th Ave S
This location is home to one of the six current skate parks in Minneapolis.

Bryant Square Park | 3101 Bryant Ave S
The park’s playground was renovated in the fall of 2016.

Bryn Mawr Meadows Park | 601 Morgan Ave S

Corcoran Park | 3334 20th Ave S

Dickman Park | 636 2nd St NE

East Phillips Park | 2307 17th Ave S

Elliot Park | N 1000 14th St E

Farview Park | 621 N 29th Ave
Park notes: This pool is one of the newer zero depth entry pools with a splash-pad like spray feature.

Folwell Park | 1615 N Dowling Ave

Fuller Park | 4800 Grand Ave S

Hi-View Park | 3474 2nd St NE
The park is home to a newer pool with a zero depth entry and splash-pad spray features.

Jackson Square Park | 2212 Jackson St NE
Park notes: In addition to a splash-pad style wading pool, Jackson Square Park features a unique interactive musical playground with seven percussion instruments.

Jackson Square Park


Lake Hiawatha Park | 2701 E 44th St
Park notes: The wading pool has a zero-depth entry great for little swimmers and some fun splash features for the older ones.

Lake Hiawatha Park Wading Pool

Linden Hills Park | 3100 43rd St

Logan Park | 690 13th Ave NE
Park notes: The wading pool was updated in 2019 to include zero-depth entry and a rain feature.

The Updated Logan Pool - Minneapolis Wading Pools

Longfellow Park | 3435 36th Ave S

Loring Park | 1382 Willow St

Loring Park review from Family Fun Twin Cities


Luxton Park | 112 Williams Ave SE
Park notes: The shallow wading pool has a small slide and fountain. The playground equipment was replaced in 2018.

Marshall Terrace Park | 2740 Marshall St NE

McRae Park | 906 47th St E

Minnehaha Park (Wabun Area) | 4655 46th Ave S
Park notes: Wabun Picnic Area has a wonderful, popular wading pool with a cool spraying rock structure and terrific playground equipment.

Morris Park | 5531 39th Ave S

Mueller Park | 2509 Colfax Ave S

North Commons Park | 1801 James Ave N
Park notes: The free wading pool is separate from the North Commons Water Park (which charges a small admission fee).

North Mississippi Regional Park | 5114 North Mississippi Dr
Park notes: The splashy wading pool is beautiful and there is a changing building onsite. A planned Nature Play Area and Adventure Trail is under construction near the Carl Kroening Interpretive Center.

This website has info about parks like North Mississippi Regional Park

Pearl Park | 414 Diamond Lake Rd E

Pershing Field Park | 3523 48th St W

Phelps Field Park | 701 39th St E

Powderhorn Park | 3400 15th Ave S
Park notes: The new wading pool features bubblers, a water play feature, a shade structure and benches. The three playgrounds were all updated between the fall of 2016 and Summer of 2017.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park | 4055 Nicollet Ave S

Riverside Park | 2700 8th St S

Sibley Park | 1900 E 40th St

Van Cleve Park | 901 15th Ave SE
Park notes: The wading pool has been updated with zero-depth entry.

Minneapolis Wading Pools Adjacent to Schools

Because of their proximity to schools, the following parks historically open the Saturday after school releases for the summer and then remain open until Labor Day weekend. The season will not be extended for these parks regardless of temperature.

Armatage Park | 2500 57th St W
Park notes: Armatage is home to one of the six current skate parks in Minneapolis.

Bethune Park | 1301 10th Ave N
Park notes: The wading pool was updated in 2016 with play bubblers and the playground received new equipment.

Bohanon Park | 4917 Bryant Ave N
Park notes: The wading pool has a zero depth entry and a spray feature similar to a splash pad. The new play equipment was installed in 2018.

Bottineau Field Park | 2000 2nd St NE

Central Gym Park | 3416 S Fourth Ave
Park notes: New playgrounds with separate areas for kids 5-12 and a new tot lot were completed in 2018.

Cleveland Park | 3232 Queen Ave N
Park notes: This park has a newer wading pool with a spray feature and a zero depth entry.

Hall Park | 1524 Aldrich Ave N

Harrison Park | 503 Irving Ave N
Park notes: The zero-depth entry and a splash-pad-like spray feature were added to the pool in 2015.

Hiawatha School Park | 4305 42nd St E

Holmes Park | 301 4th St SE

Jordan Park | 2927 Irving Ave N

Keewaydin Park | 3030 53rd St E

Kenny Park | 1328 58th St W

Lyndale School | West 34th St. and Pillsbury Ave S

Lynnhurst Park | 1345 Minnehaha Pkwy W

Matthews Park | 2318 29th Ave S
Park notes: An especially family-friendly park with three separate playgrounds and a recently updated wading pool with zero-depth entry and a spray feature.

Peavey Field Park | 730 22nd St E
Park notes: Peavey Park reopened in May 2019 with brand new playground equipment, surfacing and three basketball courts in addition to the wading pool.

Shingle Creek Park | 2010 50th Ave N

Stewart Park | 2700 12th Ave S

Victory Park | 4414 Upton Ave. N

Waite Park | 1810 34th Ave NE
Park notes: The new pool is a zero-entry style with a splash-pad type water sprayer on the shallow end.

Minneapolis Wading Pools

Whittier Park | 425 W 26th St

Willard Park | 1626 Queen Ave N
Park notes: The wading pool was recently renovated to include a zero-depth entry and a splash-pad spray feature.

Windom Northeast Park | 1810 34th Ave NE

Minneapolis Water Parks

Jim Lupient Water Park
Part of Northeast Athletic Field Park, the water park is located across Johnson Street from the Quarry Shopping Center and near several fast food restaurants. The water park includes 3 large slides, a log water walk, spray features and a splash pool for tots, water volleyball and shade structures. Open Mon-Fri, 1-7pm, Sat & Sun, 11am-7pm. Admission is $3-$5/pp.

North Commons Water Park
Water park amenities include three-story speed and loop slides, a water playground, and “Funbrellas” for shade. Open Mon-Fri, 3-9pm & Sat, 9am-4pm. Admission is $3-$5/pp. The wading pool in North Commons Park is free to use.

Webber Natural Swimming Pool
Webber Natural Swimming Pool is located in Webber Park and boasts natural filtration system that uses plants in a nearby pond rather than chemicals to treat the water. There are areas of varying depths in the pool including a diving well, wading area and zero-depth entry. Open swim Tues-Sun, 1-7pm. Admission is FREE.


Minneapolis splash pad parks

Currie Park | 500 15th Ave S
Park notes: A large splash pad is currently under construction in Currie Park to replace the wading pool. There will be a separate splash place for toddlers and one designed for families and kids ages 5-12.

Franklin Steele Square | 1600 Portland Ave S

Minneapolis Wading Pools and Splash Pads

Indoor swimming in Minneapolis

MPRB offers Phillips Park Aquatics Center for indoor swimming.

Other 2020 Swimming Options

For a full list of Twin Cities aquatic options, Splash Happy: 2020 Guide to Twin Cities Beaches, Pools, Water Parks & Splash Pads. We will keep updating as the summer approaches and progresses.


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  2. MPRB made the decision to close all 12 of its beaches, 62 wading pools, two waterparks and the Webber Natural Swimming Pool because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    1. They did, but then they backtracked a little and decided to open the beaches without lifeguards. Probably because they knew people would swim anyway. So use the beaches at your own risk. The wading pools, Webber and the waterparks are still closed, as you mentioned.

    1. You are right, Jennifer. I’m afraid that Jackson Square is not among the 20 wading pools that MPRB plans to open this summer. Audobon, Logan and Waite Parks are good options.

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