World Read Aloud Day – February 5, 2020

World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day was February 5, 2020! Stay tuned for 2021 information. We’ll post it as it comes in. In the meantime, every day can be read aloud day in your own home!

Why is reading aloud important? A 2015 study (PDF) found that children are exposed to a larger vocabulary from picture books read aloud than from conversations with adults. This is because we tend to speak with the same 5000 most popular words; while books — even picture books — are more likely to use words outside that popular 5000. Sometimes reading aloud can be easier said than done, but we have some resources to make it easier – even on the difficult days.

How will You Celebrate World Read Aloud Day?

Gianna thinks of family reading time as a way to Go on a Family Adventure Without Leaving Your House. She offers some of her favorite ways to make reading time fun for the whole family.

LitWorld, the creators of World Read Aloud Day offer free resources with activity ideas, tips for reading aloud and resources for more information.

If you would rather make read aloud time into a family outing, Anne has collected a list of story times around the Twin Cities.

Find Local Children’s Book Authors in our Directory

Since last year, we have begun building a resource that we are incredibly excited and proud to share. Introducing, the Bookhounds Author Directory! Here is where we will share up-to-date information on all our favorite authors. Over the coming year, we will be moving the majority of our author information, interviews and reviews into their individual directory posts so that our readers can find parental reviews, author bios and tidbits, and links to purchase books all in one place.

I do warn you that our homes are overflowing with books since we started collecting children’s books by local authors, but it is a fun and addictive hobby and, like we shared in the first paragraph, we are exposing our kids to so much vocabulary!

Read Aloud: Go on a Family Adventure Without Leaving Your House

Good Books to Read on World Read Aloud Day

We are so blessed in Minnesota to have a wonderful community of local Children’s book authors. We have had the privilege to both review some of their books and to interview the authors. Here are some of our favorite reviews and interviews:

How to Tackle the Dreaded 20 Minutes of Daily Reading

I honestly don’t know why making reading an assignment instantly makes it harder to do, but it does. So we’ve developed some ways to get the homework assignment of 20 Minutes of Reading done daily, so we can go back to reading for the pure enjoyment of it.


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