World Read Aloud Day – February 5, 2020

World Read Aloud Day is February 5, 2020! Why is reading aloud important? A 2015 study (PDF) found that children are exposed to a larger vocabulary from picture books read aloud than from conversations with adults. This is because we tend to speak with the same 5000 most popular words; while books — even picture books — are more likely to use words outside that popular 5000. Sometimes reading aloud can be easier said than done, but we have some resources to make it easier – even on the difficult days.

How will You Celebrate World Read Aloud Day?

Gianna thinks of family reading time as a way to Go on a Family Adventure Without Leaving Your House. She offers some of her favorite ways to make reading time fun for the whole family.

LitWorld, the creators of World Read Aloud Day have made this handy 2019 Activity Packet, (PDF) with activity ideas, tips for reading aloud and resources for more information.

If you would rather make read aloud time into a family outing, Anne has collected a list of story times around the Twin Cities.

Good Books to Read on World Read Aloud Day

We are so blessed in Minnesota to have a wonderful community of local Children’s book authors. We have had the privilege to both review some of their books and to interview the authors. Here are some of our favorite reviews and interviews:


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