Summer to Remember Adventure #4: “Sandcastle”

sandcastle with boy at water

It’s time to get creative and make the best sandcastle you’ve got whether it’s a huge mountain of sand or a small intricate cottage.

For the Summer to Remember Adventure No. 4, the prompt is 


You can use this adventure prompt around town, through creative play, or in a book. Channel your inner sand sculpting expert and make some works of art.

Sandcastle Adventures Around Town

Build a Sandcastle at one of our many local beaches.

Go mini-golfing and putt putt your ball through a castle-like structure.

Stroll through a Sculpture Garden and find the most castle-like sculpture.

Sandcastle Adventures through creative play

Not interested in getting your hands super sandy?  Here are a bunch of ideas for you to try instead.

SandY Adventures in a book

Read The Sandcastle That Lola Built by local author Megan Maynor.

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Share Your Own Idea With the Community

We would love to hear your ideas for an adventure building with sand. Leave a comment and we'll share with the community.

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