Twin Cities Halloween Events for Teens & Tweens

Parents of tweens and teens, we know that Halloween can be a tricky holiday to navigate. Our kids are on the verge of – or even well past – the trick-or-treat years. They crave something thrilling, but may not be mature enough or have the taste for horror. They seek more independence while we grapple with keeping them safe. What does a traditional Halloween look like to a tween or teen bridging from pumpkin parties to more adult entertainment?

We’ve rounded up several ways to celebrate Halloween that run the spectrum from slightly spooky to flat out frightening. You know your child best. Some of these outings are ideal for the kid who still likes to stick with the family. Others are designed for teens (and adults) who are comfortable with independent outings. Please, please drop us a comment if you have more ideas. This year is rough for our teens and tweens.

If you landed on this page hoping to find Twin Cities Halloween events for kids, we have a monster master list to browse. This includes free events, ticketed events, parties in the park, trick-or-treat trails, and fall festivals of all kinds.


All of these Halloween-time ideas would make a great outing for families with kids at least 7 years of age. There’s definitely a spooky vibe going on, but the events focus more on storytelling than scaring for entertainment. 

Movies in the Park: Beetlejuice (PG) | Highland Park Pavilion, St. Paul
Watch an October movie favorite at a park screening. Oct 2, 2020 5:30-9:30pm $10.00/family (SOLD OUT)

Movies in the Park: Poltergeist (PG) | Battle Creek Park, St. Paul
Watch an October movie favorite at a park screening. Oct 10, 2020 5:30-9:30pm $10.00/family

Movies in the Park: The Birds (PG-13) | Mears Pavilion, St. Paul
Watch an October movie favorite at a park screening. Oct 17, 2020 5-9pm  $10.00/family

Courthouse by Candlelight | Historic Courthouse, Stillwater
Listen to mildly spooky stories while walking the halls of the Historic Courthouse at night by candlelight. Explore the areas typically closed to the public. October 22, 2020, 7-9:30pm. $10/pp.

Candlelit Tours at LeDuc | LeDuc Historic Estate, Mendota
A guided candlelit tour of the 1866 Gothic Revival Mansion. The tour, you will explore the history of Victorian spiritualism and séances. October 24, 2020, 7pm-9pm; Recommended for ages 13+. $8-$10/pp.

Landmark Gangster Ghost Tour | St Paul
Could Landmark Center be haunted by St Paul’s most infamous residents? Cross paths with a few shady characters on this interactive tour. This would be a fitting Halloween event for tweens or teens who are fascinated by living history. Oct 30, 2020, 6-9pm. Recommended for ages 13+. Tickets/$10, reservations/advanced ticket purchase is required. Tours on the half hour.

Teen Halloween Events

Bare Bones Halloween Extravaganza – Mobile Performance |  St. Paul & Minneapolis
Barebones will be bringing the show to the community in 2020. They are still working out details, so stay tuned for more information. Free with suggested donation.

Barebones Halloween - Good for Families with Teens
Image Courtesy of BareBones Productions


Escape Room Without Walls | Mississippi Gateway Regional Park, Brooklyn Park

While this is not a scary event, younger sibs aren’t invited. Join Mississippi Gateway Regional Park on Saturday, October 3, from12:30-4 p.m., and save the Mississippi from imminent doom! Complete puzzles while enjoying the outdoors. Hike trails and try escape room (without walls) challenges. Cost is $30 and reservations are required by four days prior. Call 763-559-6700 to make a reservation. This program is for ages 13+.

Movies in the Park: The Blair Witch Project (R) | Hidden Falls Park, St. Paul
Watch an October movie favorite at a park screening. Oct 17, 2020 5-9pm  $10.00/family


These fear-fests are best left to the teens who want maximum thrills. It’s likely Mom and Dad won’t be along for the ride. Take comfort knowing we’ve chosen attractions based on a minimum recommended age and a no-contact policy.

Scream Town | Chaska
I warily recall Scream Town (known as Spooky World if you grew up in the ’90s) being the scariest haunt around when I was a teen. And while personally, I don’t think my own teen is anywhere near ready to tackle the terrors, it may be a good fit for yours. Scream Town officially claims to be recommended for ages 10 and up. One ticket price gets you inside 6-7 incredibly frightening themed attractions plagued by unspeakable creatures and dead ends; tour as many times as you dare. Parents are admitted FREE to the park, but will have to stay on the sidelines while their teens brave the horrors. Weekends starting October 2-November 1, 2020. $69 online; $74/door.

The Haunting Experience | Cottage Grove
One ticket is all you need for a screamfest: venture through the haunted house and scare yourself silly on the hayride. You know your teen best. The attraction suggests visitors be at least 12. Select dates starting Sept 25, 2020 through Halloween, opens at 7pm. $17-$38/pp (lower price indicates weekday pricing).

ESCAPE ROOMS – an alternative to Halloween

My teen isn’t one for guts and gore, but he does go crazy for the thrill and challenge of an escape room. These are interactive, themed puzzles that get the adrenaline flowing. The games usually last about an hour. Each escape room holds a small group of people (8 to 10 – book with friends or take a chance with strangers). Participants work together to find clues to solve a mission and escape the room. We’ve rounded up what we think could be the best Twin Cities escape rooms for an alternative Halloween outing.

Teen Halloween Events - Escape Rooms like The Heist

Witchcraft & Wizardry Minneapolis | Sign up to Learn the “Secret” Start Location | Saturday Oct 17, 2020 | 9am-2pm

This is a bit like an oversized escape room. This outdoor murder mystery will have your team scrambling around town to interview virtual witnesses, crack clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges. Ages 16+. $48/Team of 2-6 people (You can add younger siblings under age 16 to your team for FREE, but the activity is geared toward teens and adults.


Teen Night | Silverwood Park | Friday Oct 29, 2020 | 6pm-8pm

Enjoy a night made by and for teens. Make nature-based art and participate in outdoor activities planned by the Silverwood Teen Arts Council. This activity is FREE and is open to ages 12-18. Registration begins September 23, 2020.

We hope this list has given you a few ideas of where your tween or teen could get into the Halloween “spirit”. Remember, we’re also dying to share our ultimate Twin Cities Halloween Guide if you dare…

Halloween at Home

Want to make Halloween fun at home?  You can find simple DIY, festive activities here.

See Page 2 for cancelled events to watch for again next year.

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