‘School of Rock, The Musical’ at The Zephyr Theatre, Review and Parents Guide

School of Rock Band

School of Rock is an iconic movie for Jack Black fans.  And now Andrew Lloyd Weber’s School of Rock–The Musical has come to the stage at Stillwater’s Zephyr Theatre.  The unforgettable, 1000-seat amphitheater is located on the river next to the Stillwater Lift Bridge. And the show? The show pumps you up to “stick it to The Man!”

The show follows wannabe rock star Dewey Finn, who decides to earn some extra cash by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. He then turns his class of straight–A pupils into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. 

-From the Zephyr Theatre Press Release

This is from the 2015 West End Show.  With our own Reed Sigmund, you can bet you will be even more entertained.

Most Photo Credits to Glen Stubb
FFTC received tickets in exchange for promotion.  This review is completely my own.


  1. Location of the performance is NOT the same as the location of the theatre.  The theatre is on Main Street, and the show is in Lowell Park on the river at 201 Water St N.  However, if you can’t find a place to park, you can park in the theatre lot and take a 10 minute walk along the river to the stage.
  2. Reed Sigmund is one of my favorite local actors, so I have seen him in many shows (mostly in at Children’s Theatre).  I adore his personality and his playfulness.  He brings the same playfulness that he gives to Shrek and the Grinch at CTC to Dewey Finn. (scroll down to read our quick interview with Reed)
  3. There are VIP seats, Reserved seats and General Admission seats.  The VIP and Reserved seats definitely give you the best view, but the GA seats are fine. You may have a slightly obstructed view, but it’s minimal and it doesn’t last long.
  4. Age Recommendation:  This is a hard one for me.  School of Rock is most definitely for adults.  And kids will really like it too.  I want to warn you that in the first act, there were over 10 uses of cuss words including the kids using one or two and Dewey repeating the S-word.  For some of you, this isn’t a huge deal.  But I know that for others, it could be.
  5. Look for these amazing parts of the show. 
    1. The inclusion of  actors with limited access to the performing arts.  One actor included has Down Syndrome, and another actor with a different disability.
    2. I loved listening to the kids actually play their instruments.  It was incredible! Yes, there was a stage band that filled in for most of the numbers, but when it counted, the kids played “In the End of Time”  themselves.
    3. My favorite scene was for SURE the Sneak Out.  It’s fairly short, but it tickled my funny bone.

School of Rock Band Cast


  1. Take Classes at Minnesota’s own School of Rock. Did you know that we have an actual School of Rock?  The studios are located in Eden Prairie, Medina, and St. Paul.
  2. Listen to the School of Rock — The Musical soundtrack on Spotify. Listen Here.
  3. Take in a Free Concert in a Park this summer. It may not be quite the same, but music is music!
  4. Go to a Free Jolly Pops Concert around the Twin Cities.


Rockin' Dewey Finn in School of Rock

What is your favorite part about playing Dewey Finn?
I love the capturing his passionate affection for freedom. When embodying the character I don’t just sense a permission, but more of a an encouragement, or even requirement, to simultaneously embrace and release every impulse I have.

What moments show us the most about Dewey Finn?
There’s a moment where Dewey discovers one of his students has written a song, and Dewey instantly unleashes an explosion of praise, encouragement, and a manic desire to rock. It captures his talent for both teaching and rocking. And displays his understanding of the powerful effects of collaboration.
Do your sons and wife enjoy this show?
My wife, Autumn, is a ginormous fan of the flick, but has never seen the stage musical! However, I’m fully confident that she, along with any other fans of the movie, will worship this production. As for my short guys, they’re unfamiliar with the piece, but they claim to love hearing me loudly prepare for the role at home.
What’s it like to play in a show with other actors from Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) productions but not be at CTC?
It’s wild! I stepped into the position of “Director of Education” for the Zephyr Theatre about a year ago, and that’s given me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with many of the fantastically talented students who take classes through the Zephyr. At the same time, I’ve remained a Company Member at CTC, and have continued to act alongside the phenomenally talented students there! This show is giving me this thrilling chance to combine and blend those two worlds. I’m onstage with student actors of both theatres and it’s been an exhilaratingly successful experiment!
Will we still see you on the CTC stage?
Absolutely! I’ll be back on the CTC stage as the Grinch this upcoming holiday season, and will also be in CTC’s spring production of “An American Tail!” Apart from that, I’ll also be back jumping around the Theater Latté Da stage, in their winter production of “Hello, Dolly!” I can’t glance at my upcoming calendar without getting obnoxiously excited about something. It’s gonna be a year filled with amazing opportunities and experiences!
Dewey Finn and the School of Rock Band


Things you may want to consider as a parent.

  1. Long line for entry into the show. Those of us who got tickets online had to wait in a very long line to be admitted.  It was totally fine.  It gave us an opportunity to chat with the people who were going to see the show.  But be prepared for a long, long line.
  2. Dress in layers for the show.  And cover your ankles.  I don’t know if it was biting flies or gnats, but my ankles were attacked. Plus when the sun goes down, it does get a little chilly.  (just a little)
  3. Lots of open space behind the seats. If your kids get squirmy during the show, you can bring them to the back of the “amphitheater”  and let them be more active on the open grass.

School of Rock Band Crossing Street


Show runs: July 21-25, 2022 and July 27 & 28, 2022

Tickets range in price: $22-$120

Look for more from the Zephyr Theatre in the upcoming months.

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