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The Jolly Pops are a children’s music and entertainment group made up of founder, Billy Hartong and other local dad musicians, who have included Jasper Nephew, Steve Goold, Aaron Fabrini, Matt Patrick, Eric Schee, Justin Hartke, Adam Levy (also of the Bunny Clogs), Jake Amerding, Angus Clark, Ryan Eckland and Suzi Shelton. The group also sometimes bring along their daughters to sing back up!

The Jolly Pops - Minneapolis Kids Band

The group offers programs for preschool and elementary aged children that include monthly classes and concerts and provide music appreciation, movement experience-based learning.

And puppets! Did we mention they bring puppets!? The puppets come out at the end of a classes and concerts to interact with the kids through jokes and fun. They might even help reinforce a lesson introduced in class.

Music by The Jolly Pops

The Jolly Pops debut album, I Didnt Do It includes songs about alligator dancing, feelings, popsicles, kissing chickens and more.

The Jolly Pops, I Didn't Do It
Click here to buy the album.

The Jolly Pops (or actually just one Jolly Pop, Billy Hartong) was one of the featured musical acts at Family Fun Twin Cities’ Free Spring Fling during the blizzard of April 14, 2018 at Heartfelt. We appreciate everyone who made it out to that event.

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