‘SHREK–THE MUSICAL’ at Bloomington Center for the Arts, Parents’ Guide and Review

Shrek and Lord Farquad

“Not my gumdrop buttons!” Gingie shrieked.

Shrek–The Musical is a delightful adaptation of the Dreamworks film and children’s book by William Steig.  And Artistry Theater’s production does not disappoint.  I made the trek to see Shrek, and it was a fun night out with my 12 year old.


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Shrek Dragon

  1. My favorite character  is a tie between Princess Fiona (played by Deidre Cochran) and the Ugly Duckling/Gingie (played by Caitlin Burns).  Princess Fiona has an incredible voice, and you can tell she really enjoys her part.  The Ugly Duckling’s movements and interactions with Pinocchio made me giggle. Gingie’s voice was hilarious, and his solo to begin the song “Freak Flag” drew me in immediately.
  2. My favorite song is “Morning Person.”  It’s the first number in Act 2.  I love Fiona and the Pied Piper, but the best part is the rats.
  3. Shrek is an ogre and as an ogre, you can expect some rude “potty” humor.  Basically, I am saying there are a lot of fart jokes.  There are also 3 or 4 swear words throughout the entire show.
  4. I recommend this show for families with kids ages 10+.  The material is suitable for ages younger than that for sure, but the show is almost 3 hours long. There is an intermission, thankfully, but it got a little long for us because our seats were a little uncomfortable.


  1. Live a Real Life Fairy Tale at the Renaissance Festival: Learn More Here.
  2. Listen to Shrek–The Musical soundtrack on Spotify: Listen Here
  3. Build a miniature “Ogre Swamp” instead of a Fairy Garden: Here Are Some Ideas.
  4. Read Shrek, by William Steig

MORE About SHREK–The Musical

Shrek Fairytale creatures

“SHREK is a fabulous musical that will appeal to everyone,” says Anita Ruth, Artistry’s 17-year resident
Music Director who is retiring after the close of SHREK. “The music is great, the dancing is terrific but
most importantly, the story that we are all the same under our skins is vitally important in the world
today. Young and old will enjoy this show about diversity, loneliness, and finding friendship.”

-Artistry Press Release

Shrek Sign


Things you may want to consider as a parent.

  1. Covid Policy:  Masks are required inside the theatre.
  2. Choosing Seats:  The theatre is small, and the seats are divided into two sections.  Front and back with an aisle in between.  The back section is more of stadium seating.  And I recommend that for smaller children.  Seating on the ground (front level) my 12-year-old could not see over the woman sitting directly in front of him.  (So we shifted down into some empty seats.
  3. Arriving Early: There are things to enjoy and look at while you wait for the show to begin.  Bloomington Center for the Arts is home to three different visual art galleries.  Also, Artistry Theater projects pictures of the cast  for you to watch while you wait.

Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Dragon


Show runs: July 15-August 14 2022

Tickets range in price: $23-$55, July 25 is Pay What You Can Night

Parking Hint: There is plenty of free parking.

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