FFTC’s Guide to Kid-Friendly Food Trucks

Kid-Friendly Food TrucksFood trucks are taking over our city!  Family Fun Twin Cities has  the scoop for you and your family.

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My husband and I love the Food Network’s  The Great Food Truck Race. The show fascinates me. The way the producers make it happen is a tad cheesy, but totally worth it.

In Season 4, they drove through Minneapolis/St. Paul. I was so proud that they referred to us as the Twin Cities.  They identified great landmarks like the Stone Arch Bridge and the State Capitol and Midway Stadium (filming was a couple of years before CHS Field opened). What I liked the best was the references to some of our local businesses.

Where did the food trucks do the best? Parked in front of Grand Ole Creamery!

Proud doesn’t begin to express my emotions.

The show got me thinking about the different food trucks that are here in the Twin Cities. One thing I’ve noticed about these cuisine-on-wheels-mobiles is the food can be a little unique.  While we are big fans of all the ethnic and inventive options, a lot of kids I know aren’t into “interesting” food.  They may be okay with  a small variation from what they know and love, but usually, they aren’t looking for exotic.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of the most kid-friendly food trucks that you can find around the metro.

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Food Trucks for Lunch/Dinner

Bacon Me Crazy (vegan options available) | Based in St. Paul

Kid-Favorite: Slap Yo’ Mama, 4 slices of perfectly grilled thick-cut bacon slices

Fair Faves Food Truck | Check their Facebook page for location
Kid-Favorite: Pretty much anything.  It’s fair food anytime of the year.

Home Street Home | Based in St. Paul
Kid-Favorite: Grilled Four Cheese Sandwich and LOCAL Whistler Soda

Nate’s Dogs | NE Minneapolis, Bloomington, and Blaine (to name a few)
Kid-Favorite: Classic Nate-Dog, just a perfectly perfect hot dog

R.A. MacSammy’s | St. Paul, frequently this summer 
Kid-Favorite: Classic Mac and Cheese, with a variety of add-ins to specialize the eating experience

Tot Boss | White Bear Lake, Food Truck festivals, Minnesota State Fair
Kid-Favorite: Tater Tots, classic deep fried tots & Pizza Tots, tots tossed in garlic-infused olive oil, covered in pizza sauce and mozzarella. Gluten-free options available.

TruPizza | Downtown Minneapolis, local breweries, and farmers markets.
Kid-Favorite: Margherita, organic and super fresh cheese pizza

More Outdoor Dining Ideas: 10 Spots for Outdoor Summer Dining with Kids in the Twin Cities

You can even play pretend Food Truck with this adorable Melissa & Doug cardboard play truck. *Amazon affiliate link
Food Trucks for Dessert

A Peace of Cake
I see these guys around town all the time. I always want to follow them to their next stop wherever that may be.

Kid-Favorite: Artisan Mini Donuts.  I don’t think I need to say anything more.

Crepe and Cake
Weekly locations are announced Mondays on their Facebook site.

Kid-Favorites: Include Fruit, Nutella, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cinnamon Sugar, Marshmallow. Savory crepes are also available along with gluten-free & vegetarian options.


Food Trucks to Order

B-52 Slider Squad

A Cupcake Social

Minnesota Nice Cream

food trucks

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