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Mid-August is the time to start preparing for our favorite annual end-of-summer bash. Make sure, if you’re planning to tote your family along, to consult our 2023 GUIDE TO THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR.  If you are choosing to head to the Fairgrounds this year, we hope this guide will help you plan your best visit ever in 2023.

Have you purchased your discount gate tickets? Mapped out the most efficient route to find the two dozen or so brand new Fair foods? Polled the family and made a checklist of the must-sees: the barns, the freebies, the climb-on tractors, the awesome shows at the Family Fair stage? Are you ready for the relentless heat and the shoulder-to-shoulder streets and the children begging you to buy souvenirs at every corner?

Just in case you’re not a rabid fan of the Minnesota State Fair (like certain members of the FFTC Team…) and haven’t been planning this great fete since Memorial Day, we’ve put together some tips and ideas garnered from years of towing our young families along to the Fair. Hope we can be of some help and inspiration.

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The 2023 Minnesota State Fair Starts Thursday, August 24th Through Labor Day!


FFTC's Minnesota State Fair Guide

Minnesota State Fair 2023: Scoring Free & Discounted Tickets

There’s plenty of time to purchase discounted State Fair tickets ($15 each) and Midway/Kidway tickets before the Fair opens August 24th. Consider purchasing a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book ($5) that contains a ton of coupons to be used on all that Fair food and merchandise you’re craving. Finally, if you’re willing to volunteer a few hours of your time, there are ways to score FREE admission into the State Fair!

Tips for Family Safety at the Minnesota State Fair 

The idea of bringing little ones to a place as densely packed as the Fair can be overwhelming. We’ve put together some of our best tips for keeping kids safe among the crowds.

Need a Break With the Baby? 

Add TPT to your map! They offer a private and easily accessible Mother’s room and a phone charging station. They are on the corner of Underwood & Lee. There are a few other places designated for breastfeeding mothers. You can find those here. Of course, in Minnesota, you can legally nurse your baby anywhere, but it is nice to know you can find quiet privacy if you want it.  Baby changing stations are available at most restroom locations.


50 Things To Do For Families at the Minnesota State Fair

Freshly updated for 2023! And most of the items on this list are FREE.

50 Things to Do at the Minnesota State Fair

20 Ideas for Free Family Fun at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair 

FREE is one of the FFTC Team’s favorite words. We’re betting you’re interested in ways to get as much bang for your admission buck as possible, too. All of the activities on the list are kid-friendly!

Best Bets for Live Family Entertainment at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair

We’ve rounded up our list of our favorite live Minnesota State Fair family entertainment options to enjoy together. 

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