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Powderhorn Park is home to the annual Fourth of July Celebration, May Day Festival, and Powderhorn Arts Festival. This park offers picnic areas, a grill and restroom facilities, drinking fountain. Amenities include three playgrounds, a wading pool, walking path, fishing spots, sports fields, a bike pump, a garden and a well with water pump. In the winter there is an ice skating rink and an unofficial sledding hill.

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Powderhorn Playgrounds

The three playgrounds were all updated between the fall of 2016 and Summer of 2017. Updates included new playground surfacing and new accessible pathways.

Proposed Equipment at Powderhorn Park Northwest Playground

Powderhorn Wading Pool

The new wading pool features bubblers, a water play feature, new fencing and pool deck, shade structure and benches. Minneapolis wading pools are open Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day between 10 am and 9 pm daily. There are no lifeguards on duty.

Ice Skating at Powderhorn Park

Minneapolis Parks open their ice rinks as soon as the weather allows and, weather permitting, keep them open until mid-February to accommodate Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day skating. Powderhorn has a rink and warming house. Among under updates, MPRB replaced two heat-exchanger units on the roof of the Powderhorn Recreation Center in the fall of 2017, promising a warmer season than last year.

Sledding at Powderhorn Park

Powderhorn Park
It’s not exactly summer at the Art Sled Rally

While MPRB does not officially endorse any sledding hills at Powderhorn, it is the home of the Art Sled Rally. With regard to sledding outside of its three official sites, MPRB states:

“We recognize that sledding occurs at other parks on an ‘at your own risk’ basis. While some parks are more sled-friendly than others, please use caution when using these non-designated sledding areas; never sled toward traffic and avoid hills with trees nearby.”

Powderhorn Park Recreation Center & Music Studio

This recreation center is air-conditioned. Amenities include community gathering spaces, computer labs, gyms, craft rooms, meeting rooms and community kitchen. The building also houses Powderhorn Sound Studio. Teens can make beats, lay down tracks and learn to use production software. This space was renovated 2021. Learn more or sign up for classes at the rec center.

Birthday Parties at Powderhorn Park

Room rental available for meetings, banquets and birthday parties. MPRB wants you to use your park facilities to their full potential! Individuals and groups are encouraged to use the centers and park spaces for self-directed activities. There are different permit requirements and special use fees, depending on the use. Make your child’s birthday party special! MPRB is committed to making your child’s birthday a fun and memorable event in the parks. Find more birthday party ideas in our Ultimate Guide to Birthday Parties in the Twin Cities.

Free Summer Meals at Powderhorn Park

This park has participated in the summer meals program, offering a free meals to children under 18 years during the summer. Schedules for meal times at the various parks usually come out in early June and can be found on MPRB’s Free Meals page.

Child with a packaged lunch and carton of milk. Free Summer Meals for Minnesota Kids
Free Lunches for kids in Twin Cities Parks

Coming Updates

Minneapolis Parks & Rec plans to add a new playground, paths and nature play area at Powderhorn’s southeast corner. This work was originally planned for the summer of 2023, but has been to allow for MPRB to identify and excavate some possible subsurface soil contamination caused by former residential homes at that location. Look for construction to begin in Spring of 2024.

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