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Easter Egg Hunts & Activities in the Twin Cities – 2020
Homemade Holidays: Easter Crafts
Open Easter Sunday 2019: Fun Things in the Twin Cities

Easter Egg Hunts & Activities in the Twin Cities – 2020

Grab your baskets and get ready for the hunt! Easter is April 12th in 2020. 

Hi everyone! I think it is safe to assume that ALL public egg hunts have been cancelled. We are collecting DIY Egg Hunt Ideas below. Next year, we’ll plan to offer two separate articles – DIY and Egg Hunt events.

Easter Egg Hunts in the Twin Cities

Sorry. This has been cancelled as well. But Wait! Calvary Lutheran in Golden Valley has found a way to celebrate while observing proper social distance: Celebrate Spring Drive-up Event.

Or How About this Virtual Spring Hunt for Eggs on Crystal Playgrounds!

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Homemade Holidays: Easter Crafts

Celebrating the change of seasons is such a natural and fun way to interact with children. Making things for play, display, and/or gifts makes holidays much more meaningful. Especially if made from natural and gathered materials. Check out these Easter crafts when you need some family fun at home.

Here in Minnesota, Easter often heralds the promise of spring to come rather than the actual start of spring weather. Crafting sweet little bunnies and chicks and coloring eggs brightens the end of our long winters.

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Open Easter Sunday 2019: Fun Things in the Twin Cities

In 2020, we would recommend visiting a park, but it looks like the weather is going to be unpleasant. Most of the rest of our Open Easter Sunday list is closed this year. Check back in 2021.

What’s Open Easter Sunday? While most places are open on Saturday, a lot of places close on Sunday this weekend. However, you don’t have to be stuck at home.There are several family-friendly things to do. Whether you are entertaining and want to show your guests around town, or it’s just your family on Sunday, there is probably something for you.

The following is a list of things we’ve found that are open on Easter Sunday. Read More

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