15 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Home

15 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Home - Family Fun Twin Cities - Give Thanks Banner

We love to celebrate holidays, and in our house, Thanksgiving is a favorite.  We enjoy time together with family and good food to eat, but most importantly, we enjoy a no-rush day (we all bring something for the meal, and our host enjoys the meal prep so it’s a win/win for us).

While a relaxed holiday with nothing to do is exactly what we adults like, it’s not always a pleasant experience for everyone.  You know what I’m talking about. It’s not relaxing to hear, “I’m bored,” “When do we eat?” or even “Let me help. Let me help!”  (Which you most certainly can do, it’s the whining that is hard to handle!)

If your family is even a little bit similar to mine, you know that I am not joking.  Knowing that these attitudes are very likely, we simply need to have a plan in our back pocket. So here’s a list to help make Thanksgiving a satisfying holiday for everyone.

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