15 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Home

We love to celebrate holidays, and in our house, Thanksgiving is a favorite.  We enjoy time together with family and good food to eat, but most importantly, we enjoy a no-rush day (we all bring something for the meal, and our host enjoys the meal prep so it’s a win/win for us).

While a relaxed holiday with nothing to do is exactly what we adults like, it’s not always a pleasant experience for everyone.  You know what I’m talking about. It’s not relaxing to hear, “I’m bored,” “When do we eat?” or even “Let me help. Let me help!”  (Which you most certainly can do, it’s the whining that is hard to handle!)

If your family is even a little bit similar to mine, you know that I am not joking.  Knowing that these attitudes are very likely, we simply need to have a plan in our back pocket. So here’s a list to help make Thanksgiving a satisfying holiday for everyone.

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Thanksgiving Day Conveniences

1) Make it a potluck. Every dish brought by a guest is one less for you to prepare.

2) Order your groceries online and have them delivered to your house. While there are plenty of Twin Cities delivery options, if you live near a Jerry’s Food’s in Woodbury, Edina, or Eden Prairie, you have a local option. They have launched Good2Go Online so that you can buy your groceries and have them delivered to you. 

Breakfast Ideas/Snacks

3) Easy Breakfast Plan. Joy and family traditionally start holiday mornings with a breakfast tray. Trays are prepared ahead the night before and are made up of whatever meats, cheeses, finger fruits and bread/crackers the family wants. No tray is ever alike, but its always an easy way to start out the morning.

Enjoy Thanksgiving at Home

Holiday Breakfast Tray

4) Snacks to Tide You Over. One thing Gianna started doing just last year was bringing snack mixes to the festivities. When we get all concerned about the meal, we sometimes forget that we need to have some food to tide us over. Somewhat similarly to Joy’s Breakfast tray, Gianna has committed to this tradition. So she has been scouring the internet for some delectable, light snacks.

Thanksgiving Crafts

5) Gratefulness Garland
Enjoy Thanksgiving at HomeCut out triangles or squares.
Give each person a marker to fill out what they are thankful for.
Use washi tape to attach each flag to a string.

6) Cute Turkeys

Volunteer Projects to Foster Selflessness

These are some projects you can do together at home.  Gather the supplies, store them in a box until Thanksgiving, and make serving others a party.

7) Help the Homeless • By filling Zipper Bags with snacks and personal items, 8 year old Evie passes these small tokens of Good Wishes to the homeless men and women she meets throughout the winter months.  Thanksgiving is a great day to fill bags and create a stockpile in your car.

8) Comfort for the Hospitalized • When you are in the hospital for an extended period of time, it can wear on your soul.  Taking the time to send love to those in the hospital is a gift.  They are seen and remembered.  Even if you do not know anyone in the hospital, you can create cards or gifts for those who need them most.

Thanksgiving Activities/Games to Play

9) Thanksgiving Mad LibsClick here for a printable Mad Libs for your family

10) Shake Your Tail Feathers


11) Feather Float

Buy your feathers from Amazon here: Touch of Nature 38034 Turkey Flats, 34 grams, Assorted Mix

Thanksgiving Stories to Read

 12) Over the River by Derek Anderson

13) Grace’s Thanksgiving by Lisa Bullard

If you are interested in purchasing more books, you can find more Thanksgiving Children’s Books on our Amazon page.

What to do with the Leftovers

14) Grilled Rachels are a super easy Thanksgiving leftover recipe that doesn’t taste exactly like the turkey dinner you just finished. This easy to make sandwich combines leftover turkey, with sauerkraut or leftover coleslaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese on rye. Stack it on and grill it on your stove top. I’ve listed the traditional ingredients, but feel free to use whatever bread, cheese and dressing you have on hand.

15) Turkey Pot Pie is a good way to freeze and enjoy your leftovers at a later date. Just pile leftovers into a store-bought pie shell as you are cleaning up, cover with another pie shell and freeze until you are looking for a fast meal. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, and veggies are obvious additions; but don’t be afraid to get creative.


This post was originally written in 2017 and sponsored by

Jerry’s Foods Good2Go Online.


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