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B'beri Desserts mini tartlette

The story of B’beri Desserts is about a man, his grandmother, his wife, and his adventures that led them here to Minnesota. Opening a pastry shop has been a long-time dream for Fritz Ebanda.

His love for cooking and baking started at an early age being his grandmother’s helper in the kitchen, taking good notes of her recipes. Fritz made his debuts in the kitchen of a luxury hotel in his native country of Cameroon, learning the art of French cuisine and pastry. He started venturing out to other countries like Sierra Leone or Republic Congo, orchestrating grand openings for beach resorts or working on offshore oil platforms as a pastry chef.b'beri fritz and diane ebanda
Later, he immigrated to Montreal, Canada where he continued to express his passion and creativity for pastry making in luxurious hotels and restaurants like the 5 star hotel “ Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth” or the world’s second best restaurant called Europea. At that point, he knew it was absolutely possible  to open his own pastry boutique.
Eventually, he moved to Minneapolis to reunite with his lovely wife Diane and stepson.

Diane lived in France years ago. Besides living in Paris, the most interesting part of her journey was residing in Lyon, France. It is known as the third biggest city in France and also the Gastronomic Capital of the World.  She acquired substantial knowledge in pastry and bakery operations while working for a reputable French boulangerie patisserie chain called “Paul”. They had the gifts and talents to bring to life B’beri Desserts, so they simply did it.

What is Your Favorite Part of the Business?

b'beri le frambroisierAt B’beri Desserts, we really enjoy interacting with our customers, from small children to older adults. We know a lot of them by name, what they really like or dislike, who’s getting married, who’s having a baby etc… We have good laughs and we always try to put a smile on everyone face, even behind these face masks.

What has been Your Biggest Hurdle?

Well, our biggest challenge is spelled like this: T-I-M-E. We are extremely busy between running a successful pastry shop, attending three farmers market during the week, dealing with last minute orders, coordinating logistic details for a wedding, returning phone calls or emails, making deliveries and supporting our son academically or attending his soccer games (and practice, that counts too). But guess what?! We love what we do!

b'beri choco eclair

What is Your Funniest Moment?

One day, a lady visited our booth at the Maple Grove Farmers Market. We had just started attending the market. She decided to buy a bag of our French vanilla buttered cookies. Because of the COVID restrictions at the time, she could not eat the cookies on site. We did not know that she went back to her car to taste them. All of a sudden, we saw the same lady again, in a hurry, walking towards our booth. She was so excited, all giddy! She confessed that she went to her car and our vanilla cookies were a huge hit. She bought another bag and went on with her shopping. We laughed so hard because we knew she would love the cookies to begin with.

However, we did not expect her to return so soon!b'beri choco noise

What do you want your Legacy to be?

That is an excellent question. We are always thinking about creating meaningful relationships with people we meet. We want people to remember B’beri Desserts as a family business that cares about others. Being an inspiration for young entrepreneurs, especially in the black community, is one of our deepest desires. We encourage them to follow their passion, to find out what their gifts are and develop them.

A legacy of leadership and inspiration is our ultimate goal.

Yule Logs, A Holiday Special

b'beri Yule Log
one of three flavors of yule logs you can order through B’beri Desserts

Choose from three flavors

  • Exotic Fruits Bûche
  • Three Chocolate Mousse Bûche
  • O Caramel Pear Bûche
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Twitter: @dikalobberi
Instagram: bberidesserts

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