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The Berry Patch, 19221 Keystone Ave N, Forest Lake, MN 55025
(651) 433-3448.

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Visiting a pick-your-own berry farm has become an annual summer tradition for our family. By the time we make it out to the fields, the strawberry season has usually come to a close (hit them up by the end of June) – but raspberries and blueberries are typically plentiful throughout July.

This year, we trekked out to The Berry Patch in Forest Lake to check out their crop. Raspberries were delectable if you could find the right bush and blueberries were satisfying across the board: “Like I was knocked in the head…like I am going to faint..”, in my 10-year-old’s speak. Which brings me to a good point – berry picking is an activity that appeals to every age of my crew from the preschooler to the tween. Who doesn’t love snacking on fresh produce?

Think your kids would enjoy harvesting their own berries? Family Fun Twin Cities highlights some of the farms my family has visited over the years, plus an address book of other sites to pick throughout the summer and fall. You can find it here.

For more information and tips on this year’s berry crop, WCCO was out in the fields gathering some and happened upon my kids!

The Berry Patch of Forest Lake

Happy hunting!

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